Saturday, January 31, 2009

Luck Knocked on My Door!

I have great news to share with you. No, fabulous news. In just over the last week and a half, I have managed to win not one lottery, not two lotteries, not ever three lotteries, but a total of FIVE LOTTERIES! Yes! Can you believe it?


One notification arrived via email from the UK.


Another notification arrived from Ireland!

The others are all from the US!


If I can properly calculate Euros to Dollars, I have won approximately $12,000,000.

I’m off to Bali now…see ya later alligators!, I didn't really win! And YES, those are big time scams!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Like Cookies


gram lets me have a cookie


if I eat all of my lunch


cookies are really good


sometimes i get a little messy


i like to get dirty


my gram is my paparazzi


she takes so many pictures of me


i say…yum to cookies


and sometimes i like to scream really really loud


and gram cleans me up


and then my gram has peace and quiet

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Void

Sorry my friends, but the last few days I have been seriously in a void.  Not depressed or sad, just overwhelmed with everything. 

Most people who know me tell me I build walls to protect myself.  Most people would be right.  I am guilty of doing just that very thing and for very good reasons.  Which if I disclosed those reasons, than I would be breaking down a wall and well, that is just ineluctable.

Perhaps sunshine for more than 20 minutes in 2 weeks would be beneficial. 

Tomorrow is a new day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Waiting Game


Jack, Grace and Will

Sometimes, there is rebellion.

Sometimes, there is mutiny.

But most times, there is just the over powering aroma of treats that cannot be undone.

When they join forces ,the majority rules.

And you better feed the cats!


“Never let yesterday use up too much of today.”

Will Rogers

Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying My Hand at Windows Live Writer

Thanks to my blog friend, Kate, over at Chronicles of a Country Girl, she told me about Windows Live Writer. 

Ladies, let me tell you if you like fancy fonts, this is for you. 
Are you like me and struggle with adding hyperlinks?  Windows Live Writer Download allows you to easily create the hyper links you want without all of the errors.  


And adding photos in Blogger can be a nightmare!  Am I right?  Your intention is to place your photos in order, but ends up in reverse order.  Let’s face it, some of us can be a bit challenged when it comes to picking up new skills, '’cause, we are not as young as we used to be.  :)

OK, there are a few things I have to learn, like how to change the font in my title, but so far….

I am loving it.


My Rendition of The Simple Woman's Daybook for January 26

For Today

Outside my window the sun is hiding, yet again.

I am thinking that I need to do more than entertain the idea of going to the gym three days a week.

I am thankful for having a roof over my head.

From the kitchen I am drinking a hot cup of coffee with my favorite creamer.

I am wearing my pink plaid drawstring pants with a pale pink camisole.

I am creating a present for my mother's upcoming birthday.

I am going to start my diet today! Really!

I am reading the Sunday newspaper.

I am hoping to be able to visit my mom for her 76th birthday in March.

I am hearing my tummy rumble…not a good way to start the week.

Around the house, I’ve been thinking of getting window treatments for my bedroom and the proper rod for my dining room.

One of my favorite things is when the house is still and quite.

A few plans for the rest of the week include actually going to the gym and take more photos of the surrounding areas.

Here is picture thought I am sharing . .
Last year, we were still on the road, living a carefree life in our RV, traveling the US. We stopped in Arizona for a few weeks to stay in Tuscon. Much to my surprise, the mountains were topped off with a fresh blanket of snow. Ahhh...I miss the traveling, but we must be here now. I always have my photos to bring me back to that specific time and place. Isn't that why we capture our memories?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Founders Cemetery

Blessed with another sunny afternoon, I found myself back to Founder's Cemetery yesterday. I cannot explain what the draw is for me, but I can tell you that I haven't been able to forget the unmarked grave sites. I knew that this time, I needed to say a prayer for those souls that had no one to grieve over their resting place.
This head stone was badly worn and I was unable to read the markings other than "In Memory of". Notice at the bottom of the photo are a trio of little trinkets.
The addition of the trio of trinkets tells me that someone of this generation placed them there as a tribute to their family member.
This monument was placed in honor of Roswell King's family members. Roswell King went into business with a man named James Stephens Bulloch. Bulloch was the grandfather of Theodore Roosevelt and great-grandfather of Eleanor Roosevelt. A fact that I was surprised to read about.

A side note: Not many people know that Franklin D. Roosevelt considered Warm Springs, Georgia his retreat while in the White House. His modest house was the only home he ever owned. I digressed...sorry.
A closer look at the headstone tells his life story. Sadly, he lost both wives and all but two of his children. A scarlet fever outbreak was to blame. Tiny graves flank both sides of Roswell's monument.

My visit to Founder's Cemetery left me feeling more at peace. Perhaps the prayers helped.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Bit of Local History

With the sun shining brightly, I ventured out to do a little sightseeing right in my own backyard. This new neighborhood is loaded with Pre-Civil War history. Being somewhat of a history buff, I can now cross off my list The Founders Cemetery.
Driving north on Highway 9, just after crossing the Chattahoochee, the history of Roswell, Georgia begins to unfold. The founder, Roswell King, was originally from Windsor, Connecticut before staking his claim to this area. I find reading up on local history to be quite interesting. If you are interested at all, click on the link to Roswell King above.

Click on the photo to enlarge the photo for better reading. I happen to have old eyes and need everything and anything enlarged!

In the lower right portion of the photo, you see graves marked with a mere rock. It was in 1985 that these graves were found during a historic dig. More than likely, these were the unmarked graves of slaves buried with their then owners. Mr. Roswell King owned as many as 90 slaves at one time to build his mill and home.
Being born and raised in Chicago, I never quite fully understood how one person could own another person just because his skin was different. Seeing these grave sites confirmed to me that this, in fact, occurred for many years. We can thank President Abraham Lincoln for ending such a travesty.
This magnificent tree acts as an umbrella, shading the graves of the free and enslaved. In the after life, all men were free.

Tale of a Pink Cashmere Sweater

This morning as I pulled on my favorite pair of worn jeans from the closet, I looked for a top that would be perfect for the day. Not too warm, but not too cold. The weather is warming up a bit so I must allow for those heat surges that I get occasionally.
Flipping through the hangers, I discovered my pink cashmere sweater folded over the hanger. Any women would cherish owning anything cashmere, but this sweater was a gift from a co-worker. A women, who was a shrewed business woman disguised as the epitome of a lady in every sense of the word.

Every Christmas we exchanged presents. The pressure to find the perfect gift was overwhelming. She had everything money could buy. Yet, what she lacked in her life was a true sense of family. Her only child died an untimely death. Her second marriage was burdensome at best. Tragedy leaves people hardened, but my friend was not hard at all.
Being an up and coming woman in the company, I choose her as my mentor. Everyday, I spoke to her on the phone, often times, running a concept or idea by her. She never sugar coated anything. If you wanted an opinion that was fair, consistent and unbiased, you went to her.
In the dying days of the company I worked for, she was one of the first to go. Sadly, she left explicit orders that her personal contact information would not be shared. I never spoke to her again after that dismal day.
I think of her often, especially when I pick up the cashmere sweater or refold the magnificent silk scarves in my drawer, or use my navy plaid Burberry tote. It is my hope that when she dusts the Swarovski crystal pieces or wraps the silk wrap around her shoulders, she thinks of me.
As I am wrapped in my pink cashmere sweater, I think warm thoughts of you.
I wish you well, my friend. I wish you well.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogging Friends Award

My lovely blogging friend, Jeannelle over at Jeannelle's Midlife By Farm Light, kindly included me recently in a list of recipients of a blogging award. This is my second award and I am very honored. And by the way, it took me a little bit but I did not forget!!

The following explanatory paragraph is to be included when you post about this award, so remember that, recipients!
"The Friends Award isn't about being the most popular blogger or having the most read blog. It is just because you are a friend.

"Here's the cleverly written text of the award: "

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."
It is always difficult to select a few blogs makes me uncomfortable to single people out, which is one reason I don't care that much for the blog award process. Actually, this award would fit every blogger in the lists on my blog's sidebar. Hmm......choosing is difficult......because the award picture is rather girly-looking I'll choose only female bloggers. That still leaves many more than eight friendly bloggers with charming blogs, goes, anyway:


Keep up the friendly and charming blogging, everyone!! And, readers......if you haven't already......visit these blogs

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are You A Lost Buff?

Lost has finally returned!
Do you have any unanswered questions that may be revealed in the new season?
Will Kate agree to go back to the Island?
Is John Locke really dead?
Did Jinn survive the explosion and make his way back to the island?
What about Claire?
Who, really, was supposed to raise her baby if not for her?
And then there is Jack. Will he sober up and become the person he once was?
We will just have to wait until the season unfolds.
So how do you feel about Lost? Do you have any probing questions or theories you want to share?
P.S. There is a give a way on one of my craft sites. I gain brownie points if I post about the give-away and link back to the AccuCut blog.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear Mr. President

To our 44th President of the United States,

May God bless You and inspire You to lead our nation to better times, prosperity, peace and above all, may He keep You safe from harm.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

6 Random Things About Me Meme

Thanks to Maui Girl's Meandering I've been tagged with the meme that is making the rounds in recent days: The Six Random Things Meme. Here are the rules:

The Rules
1. Link to the person who tagged you. That would be Me!
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know that they were been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

1. Not many people know this about me but deep down inside I long to para sail and sing karaoke one day.

The latter would require great amounts of alcohol. In years past at a company business meeting on Long Island, everyone was singing karaoke, even the president of the company. I felt it could be a career ending move if I took the mike, but better judgement prevailed.

During our many vacations in Panama City, Florida, I would stare off of our 9th floor balcony and lust after the sheer bravery of those people in the para sail.

2. I honestly believe that I possess a tiny ability to see into the future. At times, I have been dead on with certain people, however, never regarding myself. Well, maybe a few times.

I know that I have been visited by past family members after their deaths. The night my father passed away, I was in Orlando with my daughter and friends. We all stayed in a rented condo. Being silly, having fun, I noticed I misplaced my powder. Five women searched my bedroom only to come up empty. It was no where to be seen. At 5:20 in the morning, my cell phone went off. I took the phone into the bathroom. My sister told me my Dad just passed away. As I walked back into the bedroom, I almost stepped on the powder right next to the bed. I fell back asleep, only to be woken by the smell of cigarette smoke that was fight in my face. I felt it was my Dad saying good bye to me.

3. I would probably leave my husband if Denzel Washington came to my house and asked me to run away with him.

4. Anything Disney is fine with me. I'm a big kid at heart and love Disney World and Disney Land. Combined, I have probably visited the parks close to 65 times. Yes, that constitutes me as a nutcase!

5. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose Arizona in the winter months and New Hampshire in the summer. Call me crazy, but I love those states.

6. The older I get, the more I want a little treasure to remember people most dear to me. The serving platter that belonged to my maternal grandmother. The silver my mother gave me years ago. The tiny plaque that says "Bless Our Home" from my paternal grandmother. It may be worn and "out of fashion", but I love it all the same. My beautiful china from my favorite aunt will always be treasured. The silly little clay snake and vase my children made for me in their early years of school. The set of candlesticks my son purchased for me for my birthday one year. The pewter tea set my MIL had made for me in The Netherlands. These things are priceless to me.

You have been tagged!

Debra at Georgia Rectors
Chere at Miss Priss Follies
Kate at Chronicals of a Country Girl
Jeanelle at Midlife by Farmlight
Sue at Rue Mouffetard

One Ewe For Free!

My friend, Kate, is having a Give A Way over on her blog site Chronicles of a Country Girl. The prize is an adorable little sheep who desperately wants a new home to live.

Go check out her blog and maybe you could win! But I want to why am I sending you over there?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Change is Good! It's Not What You Think!

No one was happier then me to learn that The Cutest Little Blog on the Block was back up and running again. Oh, how I missed the opportunity to rearrange my blog's appearance!

Welcome back! I am so glad your server is up and running!

And be prepared to be surprised when you visit my blog....I love to change things around!

Is It Faith?

Yesterday, as I was reading my favorite blogs, The Majority of Two and I was struck by Jo's posting about the mystifying experience of last fall. If you haven't read it, please go there now.
Jo's post reminded me of a true story that occurred very close to me, in fact, my own mother experienced something that cannot be explained.
Almost 55 years ago this April 21st, my mother was in labor with her very first child. Labor was long and a difficult one. In those days, it was nothing out of the ordinary for the mother to be totally unconscious during the delivery. In my mother's case, she experienced complications. These complications caused her to go into a coma for almost two weeks.
My mother tells stories of how spoiled a baby I was because the nurses had ample time to get to know me. Feeling sorry for this little baby in the nursery, I was rocked and held almost all the time.
On the two week mark of Mom's coma, she finally woke. Weak, but brimming with motherly love, she immediately wanted to know where her baby was. My father was contacted immediately and he left work and sped to the hospital. Doctor Shimkus, who I still remember as our family doctor, was so very relieved that Mom was revived. He had never lost a mother and thought his streak would come to a sad ending.
I can only imagine the reunion in that hospital room. Proud and relieved husband at his wife's side. Lovely baby completed the new family. Dad asked Mom if she remembers anything during those two weeks.
Mom recalls seeing a very bright light. A light that was so blinding, she had to cover her eyes with her arm. Something about the light intrigued her. Mom found herself drawn to this bright light and slowly, moved forward.
As she drew closer, she recounts seeing a beautiful golden stair case. A stair case similar to the one in Gone With The Wind, but a million times more beautiful. Standing in front of the stairway, was Michael The Archangel. His wings were so beautiful. His wingspan was massive. His cloak so beautiful that she could not put into words. Slowly, his arm extended towards her and his hand motioned her to come closer. Mom remembers feeling so comforted, safe and exultant that she continued on her journey towards the stairs and Michael The Archangel.
She was close enough now to place her foot on the first step of this grand staircase. Looking into the angels eyes, she knew she would be taken care of in ways she cannot explain. She lifted her foot. About to place her foot on the first stair, she heard my father's voice. "Terry" he said. "Come back to me." It was at that very moment that Mom woke from her coma.
For years after her first birth experience, Mom always wanted to have a boy. She wanted to name him Michael. I think it was her way of thanking Michael the Archangel for not taking her just yet. Sadly, she never had her boy named Michael.
Every time I tell this story, I get goosebumps. Some people say that goosebumps are the Holy Spirit touching your soul. I tend to agree.
Was this just a dream caused by the drugs given my mother or was it truly something amazing. Something mysterious. Something much bigger than you or me. Was it Faith? I'll leave that up to you to decide. I know.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gibberish...Plain Gibberish Part Deux!

Is it me or is there anyone else out there that is disturbed at the digitial converion commercials?

My Uggs are 6 years old but I refuse to retire them.

If you have a continuous headache does that mean you have a giant foot growing in your brain?

When will I really be ready to go on a diet?

How many of you are planning to go to Disney on your birthday and get in free?

I love the socks from The Gap.

I confess, I am addicted to this seasons' The Bachelor.

I would like to try yoga again.

Can you believe the size of this cactus?

I can't wait to watch the Inauguration. (that is a difficult word to say)

I pray that our new President will be safe from harm.

My best tool in the kitchen is the Onion Slicer. I will blog about this.

Can you go a day without blogging? Nah, me neither.

I don't get the phrase "My bad".

I cannot believe I will be 55 this year.

A Day Dream Project for You

We are embarking on some of the coldest weather to hit the South in six years. As I watch the TV weather wander around the country, it reminds me why we moved away from -25 actual temperatures and wind chills from Chicago.

If you are dealing with such cold weather, and we all are to some degree, close your eyes and think of warm weather. Tropic breezes.

This fruit tree grew naturally in the yard of a home we visited in Maui. Our friends let us pick one. Little mini bananas about the size of your palm. We found these were much sweeter than the Chiquita variety we are all used to.

Trees are abundant in Hawaii. This one in particular is located on Maui in Up Country section of the island. The agapanthas in the foreground impressed me a lot because I made a feeble attempt to grow such flower in my own garden.

The Islands are full of natural God's beauty. Honestly, I don't need to schedule every minute of the day when in Hawaii. I love to drink in the beauty and then think of ways I could live in paradise all year long.

Did I mention this property was part of a large winery? Needless to say, the Hawaiian wines are very fruity and a tad too sweet for me. But...there was one wine when served over vanilla ice cream was divine!

Ah...the sunset! Right outside our condo balcony was a delight to behold each and every evening.

I can gaze upon sunsets each and every day of my life and never tire of the show.

Sunrises, well, I am not a morning person!

Diamond Head view from Waikiki beach. I did manage to climb Diamond Head...not so sure I could do it again unless I really stepped up my training.

What prompted me to write about this visit to Hawaii? The Weather Channel forecast unusual waves to hit all of the islands today that may exceed 30 feet tall!

I'll just leave you all with the day dreaming duty of a trip to the Islands!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Been That Kind of Morning

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can;and wisdom to know the difference.
...and just in case the above doesn't do it for ya...

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

Monday, January 12, 2009

I Need YOUR Comments!

A couple of days ago, I opened an Etsy account due to a multitude of remarks from my blogging friends. My mind is rushing with all of the projects I could create to sell. There are so many great things I have created for gifts and of course, I never keep any of them for myself.

Here is a question I have to ask of you, my purchasing public.

What would you be willing to pay for the Chirstmas box either for yourself or a gift?

Don't be shy. Tell me like it is.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Favorite Subject

Stay warm and hug someone you love today.
Lassie Lockwood....OUT!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Life of a House Cat

If I believed in reincarnation....
I would love to come back as a house cat...
As their needs are few....

and often satisfied with a belly rub and a little snack!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Gibberish...Plain Gibberish

New Year's is officially over in my book, but alas, the blog site Cutest Blog On The Block is under construction for two days.
I've attempted to change the glittery "Happy New Year" background (it is making me sick) but can't do it.
Is this a conspiracy?
And I am so glad it is Friday...means I can sleep in tomorrow and that is a happy thought!
Is there anything more delicious than having Special K for breakfast?
The sun is finally out in Atlanta.
When can I find time to read my books?
Today, I am going to get on the treadmill...I'm shooting for 30 minutes.
My husband wants to know if every 40 - 50ish woman blogs all day.
What color dress do you think Michelle Obama will wear?
I have opened an Esty account, but am having trouble finding the right category.
It is time for a pedicure.
All my nails broke because I'm sure I have a nail disease.
What level of hypochondriac are you?
For inspiration, I moved my smaller jeans to the front of my closet.
I am a neatnik, but I am also a slob.
When I organize my stuff, I cannot find it the next time I look for it.
I miss Arizona.
I could go on and on but I will break the cycle NOW.
Lassie Lockwood...OUT!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jump In With Both Feet

My hubby and I took our very first cruise for our 25Th anniversary. Hubby tried many attempts to go on a cruise, but I always thought of one hundred fifty two reasons not to go. Secretly, I was a little uncertain, well, I'll confess, the word was scared. I was scared to step foot on a ship. He finally broke me and I succumbed to his wishes. In November of 1997, we sailed on The Splendor of the Seas.
There was much preparation for this trip. Lots of shopping. Dieting. Yet, more shopping. The most important aspect of this new life experience was that we decided to jump in with both feet and have the best time humanly possible. We planned on being the life of the party. We both agreed, after all, we would never see these people again so why not? Or so we thought...
And party we did! We danced the night away. Gambled for the very first time. Took wild and crazy excursions. Experienced Carlos and Charlies' in Cozumel. Made friends with every bartender on the ship. In the midst of all this fun and frivolity, we became friends with our table mates.
Turns out, Royal Caribbean placed 3 couples at the same table who were all celebrating anniversaries. We had two at 25 years and one 15 year anniversary. Throw in a couple on their honeymoon and you have a great mixture of personalities. We adopted a young gal, also from Atlanta, who cruised on her own. She just passed her CPA and the cruise was her gift to herself.
During the dinner hour, our table was heard from every corner of the great dining room. Where we loud? You could say that. They say laughter helps the digestive system. Let me tell you no one experience tummy overload from the grand cuisine on this ship. Somehow, these once seven strangers just melted together. It was MAGIC! Linda and Joe from Philly are on the left. Our adopted friend from Atlanta, Sandy, joined our group. There is Hubby and I in the middle. Lastly, Irene and Steve from LA.
Over the course of the years, we were all in touch. Sadly, only Linda and Joe still remain in contact. These are a great couple of people who have remained close although we are miles apart.
Thanks to Linda, she emailed this group photo to me a few days ago. With this picture, all of the great memories came pouring back to the front of my brain.
Cruising is so much fun. And I guess one can approach the cruise experience from many angles. But honestly, our strategy was perfect for us. So if you ever have the chance to cruise the Caribbean or the Mediterranean or even Hawaii, jump in with both feet. You will not be sorry.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If You Were a Stripper...

Yesterday, I read my blogging friend Tammy's I'm a Stripper post. After a giggle or two, I knew she's been redecorating her home at a manic pace and has not installed a stripper post in her home.
Well, honestly, I don't know that!
This post triggered my old memory banks into recalling a story someone told me years ago.
It goes like this....

If you were to become a stripper, how would you choose your name?

Start by recalling the name of your very first pet.

What was the name of the very first street you lived on?

Simple, right?

My would be stripper name is

Lassie Lockwood

I swear...I didn't make this stuff up!

Do tell...what would your stripper name be?

I am dying to hear

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do You Dream? I Do and Boy.....

Most nights, I can definitely say that I have a dream or two. Some mornings, I remember them for a fleeting moment, yet other mornings, the dreams are vivid with details galore.

Why do we dream? One theory that doctors have is when you are at school, home, or somewhere, there are so many things that are going on that you don't think about during the day, night, etc. When you sleep, in other words dream, you think about all of the things that have happened. Also, during the day or night, if you are worried or upset, or feeling something about someone, something, etc., it all comes out. You think/ dream about it when asleep.

There are a number of people who claim they do not dream. I guess that is possible but I would like to believe that they just do not remember what occurs. Some people skip the 1st stage of sleep: REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Scientists and/or doctors don't really know why some people can do this.

My crazy dream last night involved the Obama girls, our President Elect and little ole me. The setting was Washington D.C. I believe it could have been the White House, but since I have never been inside, I am only speculating on this factoid. I was an authority figure for the girls, but not a nanny, babysitter or care taker. Why I remember this so adamantly, I an not sure. However, they were seated in the kitchen at the island with granite counter tops. I was helping them with their homework. Their parents were entering and exiting the kitchen being very loving to their girls and very kind to me. Next thing I knew, I took the girls to see Santa Clause where we were standing in a very long line. Not because I said anything to anyone, someone came over to expedite the girls to the front of the line. Before I knew it, the two young girls were smiling and unable to contain their excitement. They were going to see Santa!

Then I woke up. And I scratched my head and said "what was that all about?".

Now this is by no means what I call a weird dream...I've had some doosies, believe me. Do you remember your dreams? Care to share the good ones with us?

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Rendition of Simple Woman's Daybook 2

For today, January 5, 2009

Outside my window I see the night fog roll in as we experience abnormally warm temperatures
I am thinking about why I am not asleep when everyone else is
I am thankful for my life as it unfolds day by day
From the kitchen there is not one sound nor aroma
I am wearing my blue plaid pajama bottom with my sleeveless blue shirt because it is still 60 degrees
I am creating absolutely nothing at this moment and I don't feel guilty about it
I am going to continue to pray that hubby gets hired soon
I am reading the same old book I posted last week...but I did manage to read the Atlanta Constitution Journal
I am hoping to get a good night's sleep but it's not looking too good at the moment
I am hearing the sounds of a siren in the distance and hoping no one is hurt
Around the house not a creature is stirring. Not even a mouse
One of my favorite things is seeing my grandson Jack's sweet smile when he sees my face
A few plans for the rest of the week include watching my grandson and getting my dining room curtains hung
Here is picture thought I am sharing

This lovely collection of Black Eyes Susan's taken on our trip to visit my sister this summer. Aren't the colors just lovely? I so gravitate to these rich earthy colors.

If you would care to participate in The Simple Woman's Daybook just click on the link above. I found this thanks to a blogger friend of mine!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

No Rhyme or Reason...

A few photos from the holidays with no particular rhyme or reason...
Miss Grace Kitty seldom gets her picture posted. Most of the time, her beautiful golden eyes blink and we don't get a very good shot. Since we moved, this once little shy lady has become the alpha cat, claiming the couch "hers" and off limit to the boys. She also has an exclusive on my lap. No boys allowed.
Jack is modeling his new much needed plastic bib. With the acquisition of the plastic bib, we managed to use only one cloth bib all day.
Since my blogging friends were all celebrating the New Year with a mimosa or two, I retrieved my bottle of Asti and beloved Waterford crystal flutes.