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Taking on a Project!

About a week ago, I was talking to a co-worker when she told me she was completing an Ali Edward's project that really sparked my interests.  Now, granted, my friend was just completing a project that she started 2 years ago, but nonetheless, the project struck my interests.
It's called Week in a Life 2011.
With your handy camera attached to your side, you record every aspect of your daily life.  
Interesting, yes?
I know, I know, it is a bit like blogging, but perhaps with a more personal, journaling touch.
I realized that in order to do this, I would need a new pocket camera.  Why? you ask!  Well, I learned a valid life lesson and decided that it is not always the best idea to share everything with one beloved grandson.  Granted, he did take some great photos from his vantage point, but the zoom button no longer works and I believe the SD card has been permanently damaged.  No worries!  It was only a 5 MP and purchased at the turn of the century.  Gawd, that sounds ancient!
So, la…

Necessities in Life

When one is a mere 3 years old, mornings can be particularly tough if the morning isn't met with Monkey-Teddy, strawberry milk, cereal and unlimited hugs and kisses from his Mimi..

This Face!

...these faces, cousin Stephanie and Mommy... ...little munchkins... ...being silly with his cousin Danny... ...what happened to just smile?

Things My Mother Does At Her New Digs

One may think that being a senior, living at an exclusive retirement community, that life may be boring, dull, even mundane.
...she attends Joy Ride Mondays where they all load into the bus that takes them on a 2 hour ride around the neighborhood areas ....she plays Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader with actual 5th graders ...she gets reprimanded by the kitchen staff for being the loudest, noisiest table in the dining room (her excuse is that all her friends wear hearing aids and their batteries were low!) ...plays bingo until she drops ...learned a few new card games ...laughs all the time and is just damn happy
Thank you to my sister for being so diligent in assisting Mom to this next phase in her life.  

The Case Of The Missing...

Last summer, I purchased two summery tops, sleeveless, lacy effect on the top.  Loved them both.
In fact, I wore one to a 4th of July / Fred's birthday event at Turner Stadium to watch the Braves play.  You may have remembered that photo.... ...then, a strange thing occurred.... this top was never to be seen again. I asked my hubby, Mr Laundry King.  He claimed he never saw it.   It was than that I proceeded to tear my closet apart, hanger by hanger, looking for the  missing top. Next, I tackled every drawer in my dresser.  I must say, that while this manic mode had its beneficial effects (bags and bags taken to Goodwill),  the top was still not to be found.
2 days ago....
It was quietly laying in the center drawer, right side of my dresser just chuckling to itself  as I exclaimed...
There you are!
After hours of interrogation, the lovely white sleeveless top refused to provide so much of an explanation.
Who cares?  I'm just happy I am wearing my favorite summer top again.
Now, where …

Happy July!

Mom and all her grandchildren and one great grandchild!