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To Be Pampered

I want to be pampered... sounds good, right?
What do you crave when you feel this way?
Mani/Pedi? Hair coloring? Massage? Sleep in?
All of the above?

Bust the Heat With Christmas in July!

Since dreaming of cooler weather doesn't quite seem to do the trick, how about a little Christmas in July? After all, QVC and HSN just completed their Christmas shows! If we can transcend ourselves to a time where the heat and humidity of summer doesn't exist... ...perhaps we can elude the summer misery...
...I'm thinking of snow and snowballs... ...crisp air that smells so fresh... favorite Christmas carols running through my head... ...the ringing of the Salvation Army bell as I enter the store... ...the seat warmer in my car...
...taking Jack to see Santa Claus at the mall... ...twinkling lights... ...the smell of fresh fir...

Are we there yet?  
I'm sure by winter I will be posting about the gawd awful cold snap and frigid temperatures...
but ya know....I would like that chance right now!
Think cool!

Dream A Little Dream Of...

The heat is so oppressive this summer that I am wishing, no dreaming of cooler climates.  Seriously!  Just last night I dreamt of sitting near the water somewhere in Maine.  While I clung to my sweater and wrapped it tightly around me, I called to my beagle, Heidi, to return to a closer proximity to me.

As my face was stretched to the heavens, I found refuge in the sounds of the crashing waves.  The cool breeze was my friend.  Then I woke up...

...Reality sucks!

Stay cool...

It's What's For Dinner

I think it is fish taco time!
Mai hi mai hi fish with panko breadcrumbs...
Now where is my Tyler Florence cook book?

Tuesday Tidings

Nothing! I got nothin'!
It's stinkin' hot and the air conditioner refuses to shut off. (which is probably a really good thing) I am keeping it at 76 degrees during the day and dropping the temps to 74 at night. Believe me, you ladies out there know we would all have the thermostat set on 68 during the summer if we  didn't have to sell a kidney!
Perhaps tomorrow I will cool off in the pool.

I find it hard to believe that this little baldy was Jack just last summer. My, how he's changed. Glad he finally grew some hair!

Invitations By Deborah

With a little bit of angst, three weeks ago, I delivered these wedding invitations to a very sweet  Bride to be.  Let me say this bride to be was the calmest of any person I've ever met.  This sweetheart was a dream to work with.
I delivered for her, the pocket wedding invitation in a shimmer onyx color, accented with a shimmery silver.  All materials were printed on a pearl, shimmer paper which gave the entire invitation a sense of fun while being so very classy.

Inside the invitation, the standard invite is listed on the right. On the left, this pocket holds three different cards, RVSP, Wedding Details and Accommodations sheets.
To add a bit more sparkle and dimension, I added 3 clear crystals at the very top.
The photograph may not be able to display that there are three clear  crystals located at the v on the pocket.
Addressed envelopes were provided with the return address.
I must admit, I really enjoyed creating this set for my lovely Bride to Be!
Recently, I delivered a custom invita…

Wordless Wednesday

Come to Mama!


Why are you taking my picture?

One Simply Cannot Refuse

Can we go swimming now, Mimi?

Life's Not Fair...

I miss you everyday...

Everyday Miracles

This photo just amazes me to no end and baffles me to think that some divine being, in my case, my God, created each and every one of these little, tiny sea shells for my pleasure.   Granted, this area is approximately 3' x 4' and look at the number of shells washed up on the beach!  I am left with the sense of just how small we truly are as we are just a tiny spec in an overwhelming universe of life.  The colors are so peaceful, serene and calming.  Some may say these are just beiges but I say, nonsense!

16:1Preserve me, God, for in you do I take refuge.

Hot Dogs, Baseball, Beer and Fun!

Recap of the weekend...
Although the Braves lost, we had loads of fun doing a little tail-gating at Turner Field.  
I am hiding my Bud Light behind my son...don't tell anyone, K?

Sitting atop Turner Field gave me an odd sense of vertigo.   But this little guy was worth the climb up to the tippy top of the stadium.
The Braves did not steal any bases, but Jack did steal Uncle Steven's Braves hat!

Happy Birthday to My Husband and to My Country

This past week, Potts, Mimi and Jack went on our very own little field trip.  But first, let me explain just how "Potts" came to be named as such by our little Grandson.  
It seemed as though, Grandpa was the last word to be spoken by Jack.  Rather, that word did not want to roll off the little guys lips.  So we began trying versions of such a title.  
Our beloved close friend of the family, named Pops, was a man known by many by this name.  For years and years, we lovingly called him such. It was simple, really, let's have Jack call Hubby, Pops.  Such was the plan, however, the little guy had an entirely different plan of his own.  
As soon as we enticed him to say Pops, out of his mouth came "Potts" (with the tiniest little lisp at the end).  So, Potts was born and will live on for eternity!  (and you thought we didn't think of you everyday) sorry, private message.

Our field trip included a round trip ride on MARTA's train system to the airport.  The Littl…

Home Is Where Your House Is

I think I may be a bit lost... seems like my home was right around the corner... well, I know for sure I do not live HERE! Now we're talking!  Move over yellow bird... I would hate to be tipsy flying home one evening...all these look alike!
This looks like the perfect little branch to live on... What else could one possibly need on this branch!

Check out Mr. Daniell's web site at My Foul Intentions.  His work is adorable!

Just keep flying!