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A Time To Vent

Hi Ya'll!  No, I haven't faded away into the woodwork.  I have emerged myself into the working folk and am trying to make this transaction as seamless as possible.
My new job requires me to be both on the computer and on the telephone ALL DAY LONG!  Did I mention that I really do not like to talk on the telephone?  Yah, right.
If I have learned anything, it is I now totally understand that the person on the other end of the phone is a human being deserving of my patience, understanding and compassion.  However, people, pay your damn bills!  I am the first to acknowledge that we all have financial difficulties from time to time but please, do not blame me for doing my job.  I am not the one who failed to pay your bill on time.  Yelling at me does not change the situation.
OK, that is out of my system.  I am now prepared to enjoy my weekend, sleep in, and be lazy if I want to be.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I'll be back as soon as I can face this computer a…

The Eyes Have It!

After waiting 4 years for health insurance, my husband's insurance finally went into affect on August 1st.  Not wanting to wait another moment, I quickly made an appointment at the local Walmart Eye Care department.  I was sure to ask if they carried my health care provider and the comment was, oh yes, but if we have a problem, we will call you.

Now I don't know about you, but I really cannot stand getting my eyes dilated.  Once the solution is dropped into my eyes, I don't see clearly until the end of the next day.  Luckily, my very sweet doc conveyed that if she could see my eyes clearly, no need for the evil solution.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief and wanted to quickly celebrate.  (the wine on the left happens to be my favorite)

Come to my surprise when I was ready to pay, that I choose the only Walmart in the state of Georgia that was somehow excluded from my insurance plan.  Gah!  Good news is I only paid $67 (although I should have only paid $10).  No worries.  My…

What I've Learned in Training

Here are the very important things that I've learned while training on the new job this week:

I know how to use homeboys in a sentenceCan process an order to turn someone's utilities offHave a strong need to have "real" Mexican foodTake a payment over the phoneKnows what "on deck" means and not in a baseball connotationDirect customers to the company's web siteThe younger generation is down wit chooMore people than I care to think, are rude towards the person on the other end of the line
With all that said, I am hoping to win the big lottery jackpot so I can retire.

It Feels Like The First Day of School

Yes, it's true.  The first day of a new job is much like the first day of school.  Your backpack is full of shiny new crayons and your mom packed the best lunch in your bright new lunch box.  Although in my case, I wore my new outfit from Chico's and I was armed with several pens, paper and highlighter.  

I will be sure to stick it out because after all, a paycheck is hard to come by these days.  

This post has been me if you want the real scoop!


When I worked full time, I somehow managed to have a great marriage, raise two wonderful kids, lead a brownie troop and cub scout den, taught Sunday school, keep a pin neat house, had a rockin' career, worked 10 hour days, prepared home cooked meals and managed to find time to volunteered at the local firehouse and so much more.

Since the time in which I was unemployed, I hardly accomplished anything.  Truly.  Some of it, I'm sure is that fact that I was swallowed up by the whole depression of the conflicting times.  If you are not mindful of this, you can quickly slide down the slippery slope.  Meds only work so much but to make a real change, one needs something to look forward to. (yes, I am dangling a preposition, but I'm from the Midwest...that's what we do).

My hopes for this new chapter in my life is that I become that maniac of a "doer" again.  That the pure excitement of life drives me to become a person who accomplishes much.

Wordless Wednesday



...all is good... hopefully, great news to report next week... Lord willing!


Why am I so unsettled? I feel empty.
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