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Time Flies

Blink and a year passes so very quickly.  Above, my little darling is a mere 3 months old.  Chubby cheeks and tiny fingers…A year later, he’s a walking, jabbering bundle of love who has a face for every occasion.  Here he is trying to get the orange bracelet off his little arm and wondering…where is my popsicle?

He Listens

As a child, I was convinced that there really weren’t any seasons.  I drew this conclusion on some rather poignant observations.It didn’t matter to me what the calendar said for I knew there was a higher power contributing to the weather changes.  Often, I would hear my grandmother say, “Oh it’s so hot.  I really want some cooler weather.”  My aunt would say, “Today is so bitter cold.  I cannot wait until it gets warmer.”And then my mom would say, “I can’t wait for the cold weather.  I really love the snow.”My own comment would be regarding the turning leaves.  Where are the brilliant colors of the trees?  My own theory evolved by listening to these complaints regarding the weather and God hearing everyone’s complaints from around the world.  I believe God heard all these requests and says “Enough already!  People of the Earth, if you want cold weather, then here it is!”  (insert whatever the populous of that specific hemisphere was  complaining about)What did I learn from this exper…

My Thoughts

...I'vs been thinking... that's it.... just thinking pondering contemplating meditating reflecting

Wordless Wednesday


They Got It All Wrong

I love it when an existing word suddenly has a new meaning. Such as cougar. No longer does the puma or mountain lion native to North America come immediately to mind.

In today's Urban dictionary, a cougar is a hot older woman who visits the night club scene. She has one thing in mind, to hunt a younger man. This cougar is depicted on many of the "Housewife's of XXXXXX" (fill in the blanks to suit your local) She often has been altered in many ways or is a woman of age or a real hottie.

Here's where Urban dictionary got it wrong. Today's little blurb is about a manther - The male version of a cougar; an older man who preys on younger women.

No matter what generation you belong to, there will always be the Sugar Daddy. The word manther sounds artificial to me.

Do you think there is a difference between a manther and a sugar daddy?


It's Monday and I am feeling a bit restless. Perhaps it is because I am awaiting for my hubby to return. Soon...but honestly, I miss that his deodorant is not sitting next to mine in the medicine cabinet. No one brings me my tea in the morning.

Sunday Serenity

While visiting Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, I felt the peacefulness within these walls.  The stillness transcends a sense of awe.  The beauty of the stain glass pieces tell the Bible’s beloved history……and then Let’s Twist Again breaks the silence…and my sister rummages for her cell phone.Please forgive her.


TGIF!!!  Why are you glad it’s Friday?What plans do you have for the weekend as summer begins to wane?Tell me the best weekend you ever had.  Details.  I need details!!

The City Through My Eyes…

The hustle and the bustle of the Big City.  People abound.  Stopping for lunch at Dick’s.  Street vendors everywhere.  Even the nostalgia Babe Ruth drops in for a visit.In the midst of the tall buildings and millions of people, the farmer’s market comes to NYC.The harvest of fresh produce matches my little farmer’s market across the river.  These tomatoes of varying types, look good enough to just take a mouthful.  Several made their way home to NJ and were presented for dinner.Kirby cucumbers!  Little joke for a few to acknowledge.  So fresh that you had to dust off the dirt right from the farm.More to come!

Wordless Wednesday


A Little Taste of NJ/NYC

Visiting my family was the best medicine to heal a stressful couple weeks.  Meeting a blog friend was the topping on the cake.  Combine these two elements and you have a perfect mini getaway.My husband truly loves his mother in law.  He’s a big kidder and there he is assisting my mom with a little lunch snack!Don’t you think is a really attractive shot of my twins and my sister’s twins?  Hubby always manages to do a boob shot when ever I turn over the camera to him.  He seriously needs some help!Giving the camera to my hubby usually creates some interesting shots.  Now that he focused on something other than the boobs, ceilings are often in 70% of his photos.  (I have to learn to open my eyes)On Friday, after a short trip to NYC, Lauren and I met at Heartland Brewery for a really delicious lunch.  Meeting a blogging friend or Blister (blog sister) for the first time face to face, feels as though you just picked up right were you left off.  Lauren asked about Jack.  I asked how the twi…

It's Monday and I'm Home

Arriving home yesterday after a wonderful weekend, I determined that there is no bed like your own bed. Maybe it's the smell of you own pillows or the fact that one of three of my cats is always on the bed near me. Some of the highlights of the trip was seeing my mom. Her hug meant everything to me. We have this thing where when hugging, we rock side to side. It doesn't matter that I'm 55 years old, I still find this so comforting. Who else but your mother will look into your eyes with complete love and honestly and say "You ARE beautiful!" My sister is beyond perfect. Even though she works her skinny butt off (she's lost 35 pounds and looks amazing!), she did everything possible to make each minute of each day perfect for us. For that, I am so thankful. No one treats us better than family. Our own flesh and blood care beyond measure. More to come later. I'm downloading all of my photos as I write. I cannot ignore the fabulous lunch with MPM nor…

Happy Sunday

Just in case you all forgotten about little ole me, I wanted to drop in to wish you all a very pleasant Sunday.

I interrupt this blog…

I interrupt this blog for a few days to revel in some very much needed R & R.  Be back on Monday.No, I’m not leaving on this jet plane!Do you think Paula Abdul should go over to Dancing With the Stars?Just had to throw that in…so talk amongst yourselves while I’m gone.

Wordless Wednesday

Tombstone, Arizona

No Real Message

So much to say, so little time…ran off to Barnes and Noble bright and early today to purchase South of Broad.  I’ve already read the prologue and first chapter and am enthralled in the way Pat Conroy my necessary pedicure and eye brow wax (what’s the big deal about  a little hot wax?)off to Ulta to replenish my supply of Bare Mineral’s fairly light powderfinally completed my Fall Box  Click Here To View(I am considering taking orders)bought my Mega Millions lottery ticket (wish me luck)Here’s a photo I want to share from the archives of the American Falls taken from the Canadian point of view.  Note the hot air balloon on the horizon.

Sunflower Kind of Day

This summer, I was determined not to miss the vast fields of sunflowers.Last summer, it was my intention to photograph them, but I procrastinated.Since the flower field faces north and I don’t know why,I couldn’t get the view I wanted without being run over by severalhundred cars zipping along at 60 mph.How lucky was I to have this beautiful butterfly drop by to sample his afternoon lunch.

Sunny Sunday

It's a bright, sunny Sunday morning. Here, I am enjoying my green pomegranate herbal tea (I don't miss coffee anymore), my laptop, and the din of the Sunday morning talk shows. Yes, I cannot miss them as I always enjoy a good debate without voices being raised.

It being day 15 of my diet, I can honestly tell you that I have not cheated once. If my choice was Weight Watchers, cheating would be inevitable. However, low carb works so well with my body and metabolism, I don't miss sugar, cookies, bread or ice cream. The elimination of those foods from my diet is the best for "me".

While losing double digits thus far, has immensely helped the leg pain I was experiencing. Oh sure, I feel those aches and pains like the next person, but that part of my life seems to have subsided. Thank you!!!

Next step is getting to that wonderful gym down the end of the street. It's free. It overlooks the river. It is air conditioned. What am I waiting for? I cannot answe…

Steamy Saturday

On a hot, steamy Saturdaythere’s nothing better than a Dora popsicle!

Vote for Jack!!!!

Vote for Jack!You will have to create an account on the web site.Remember Vote For My Grandbaby!!!And mucho gracias!!!!

Living With Alzheimer’s 2

It was New Year’s Day 2004. Off to my mother in laws to have dinner with her at her home. My husband was excited to know that his mother was making one of his favorite childhood meals, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, pork chops and sausage. Upon entering her home, I noticed it was very tidy. Christmas decorations as she had always displayed them. Her table set with her good dishes placed upon the clean, pressed table cloth. Meandering to the kitchen I noticed nothing on the stove. Peering inside the oven I saw several casseroles dishes inside. I remember thinking, “Mom never used to cook her sauerkraut in the oven.” I immediately dismissed it and asked if I could do anything to help. Pour the milk, she said. Opening the refrigerator I was startled to see the iron sitting next to the milk. “Why is the iron in the fridge?” She turned around and saw in her eyes an empty blank stare. As I escorted her to the table, she took her seat. I acted quickly to get the meal on the t…

Odd Couples

He's my best friend!

Relax With Me

When you feel as though you are submerged in swirling waters with no life preserver in sight…stop for a moment to reflect on your life……say a prayer and make yourself a cup of tea.

From Chaos Becomes Beauty

When my creative juices are flowing, my workspace is NOT orderly.I need everything at my fingertips.Here's proof.Here’s the view of my desk looking straight ahead.Yes, I have Face Book open because I don’t want to miss anything!Clutter everywhere.On my left side, you see a vast amount of very necessary tools and supplies.My Zutter over on the left. My bottle of lemon water (I have to drink 5.33 bottles a day!).My Vera Bradley eye glass case.Lots of paper right underneath the case.And a cute little utility bag that is crammed with so many tools that I just cannot live without.My phone sits on the left. Lots of glue dots, yes, sometimes they stick to me.That tiny green bottle is a Smooch product (something I can’t life without).Oh, my project. You weren’t supposed to see that yet. The green thing is my most loved paper cutter. It is the best!I have a little flat screen over there on the right.I was watching Still Standing.Nice shot of Jami Gertz’ boobies!Although not in the origi…

And The Winner Is...

Truly, I am so excited to say that the winner of the Christmas in July box and album is.....

Drum roll, please!

Ellen from Across the Net
Please email me with the necessary information. Congratulations, Ellen!

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South of Broad...I Am Waiting

One never knows what you'll find when you open your email in the morning. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from my friends at Amazon.
Imagine how excited I was to read that my favorite author is about to publish a new book. Pat Conroy will release South of Broad next month! Since reading Beach Music in 2002, no book has surpassed this masterpiece. Just when I thought other authors were great writers, Pat Conroy came into my life. I adore his style of writing. Why do I love this book so much? Maybe it is because he writes about the South with such description you can immerse yourself in the midst of the novel. From Rome to the low country of South Carolina, I followed every word with such anticipation that I simply cannot put the book down. Perhaps it is because he brings us such wonderful characters that touch your heart. These are characters who must learn how to face the demons in their lives and also find solace. Pat Conroy creates page tuners.

Waiting wi…