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I Am In Love.....

Seeing this little angel makes me realize that I so miss my little Heidi.  She gave us thirteen wonderful years as a faithful, loving, sometimes obedient beagle!  I always considered her to be "my" dog and in looking back over my life, I know she cannot be replaced, but seeing this little beauty makes me wonder if maybe, just maybe, there's another little sweetheart due to share my home and heart again.
By the way, I found this photo on Pinterest.  If you haven't stumbled upon it, let me just warn you that once you visit this site, you will have spent several hours just wandering around.

Don't Need Caffeine Today!

Sometimes, ones morning presents itself with a jolt of adrenaline that causes the old heart to nearly explode.  Like this morning by chance! It's usually our habit to check banking statements, especially after paydays to insure  monies have been deposited as they should. Well, this morning, our bank displayed a balance that did not compute. It did not compute! Why shouldn't banks be available at 6:10 in the morning?   If any updating should occur, I vote for 2:27 a.m.,  not 6:10 a.m.!   A person could have a heart attack.... after 2 phone calls, we thus discovered all deposits were applied.   Geezzzz...didn't need caffeine this morning.

Be On The Look Out

I am on the look out for this fabric for Jack's room.  He is so into pirates ( and a myriad of other things) but I thought this would contribute to a very nice theme for his room. Look how a headboard was created.   A sail. I'm gonna do this!

So here's a closer look at the pattern.   Please hollar if you see it!