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Today's Your Birthday!

You are ... funny adorable loving kind hearted sensitive intelligent stubborn handsome bright bold brave timid inquisitive and so much more!
You are the light of our lives. Today, you are two! Or as you have told everyone....
You are "Boom" today!
More photos to come as we celebrate the birthday of our Grandson!!!

This Face...

those eyes... that wonderment... such hope... my Grandson!

Take Some Time...

Often, my day slips away from me before I even realize it. How does that happen? It's not like I am performing brain surgery. Where does the day go to? I come to realize that I haven't blogged in well over a week. Life just gets in the way.
One has to assume I have been taking time to smell the roses...

Frank's At The Old Mill

How I spent my Saturday... This past Saturday, my daughter, grandson and I drove to meet my son for a belated birthday luncheon at Frank's at The Old Mill. Can you tell that I am really concentrating on keeping my eyes open? Yeah, I am notorious for closing my eyes at photo time. The restaurant has changed times several times over the years. Once a Southern fish fry place, next a steak place that on its best day was so-so. The Old Mill was vacant for several years until a stroke of luck brought Frank's to relocate from Palmetto, Georgia.
The location of the Old Mill is a perfect spot to relax, breathe in the wild life and drift away by the soothing sound of the water flowing over the damn. I think this mamma deserves a reality show of her own! She has 10 babies!
We managed to pass on the desserts, but it was very hard to resist. For lunch, our table ordered a variety of menu items, ranging from Turkey Rueben to a Rueben Wellington. The Greek salads were fresh and oh, so yummy!


Let's have cake!

Just Get Over It

My Momma and me! Yesterday, I recalled hearing a very astute comment made by Jay Mohr, who is out promoting his new book on parenting.
Your parents gave parenthood everything they got, so if you are harboring some ill will against your mother or father, just remember this statement.
Wow, I thought.
Immediately, I recalled the moment in my father's hospital room. back in 2005. I hadn't seen him for 27 years. Lying in his bed unable to speak, as I left to say goodbye and walked out of his room, something suggested that I turn around. And at that moment my 75 year old father mouthed the words "I love you".
Wow...and I just let it all go.

Please, Bring Back Pluto as a Planet!

Sometimes, when you hear earth shattering news, you just want to draw the blankets up over your head and retreat to a safe place.
The people of Jimmie Dean Foods omitted Pluto from a recent commercial. Yes, I have counted the planets 143 times to be sure. You know the one I'm talking about? Eight planets attempting to rotate around the sun. Sun asks if anyone has had their Jimmie Dean Sausage Biscuit today. Yeah, that one. Next thing, someone will tell me that Atlantis, the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot and Santa Claus are not real.

Ponder This...

Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars in the sky, but check when you say the paint is wet?
Happy Thursday!

Cleaning...It's Not All That's It Cracked Up To Be

After vacuuming and then cleaning out the canister today, it never ceases to amaze me how much cat hair, dust and generally pretty yucky stuff comes out of my carpet. Every time I vacuum, the contents of the canister makes me nauseous, yet alone, fearing that my asthma will kick into full throttle and I will cough up a lung.
Sure enough, I did succumb to the coughing attack which always manages to leave my lungs burning. And then I wait for it...the headache. Yep, it's here. Thank you very much for that.
I miss my hardwood floors.
Am thinking of getting a mask!

Simply Said...

I do not feel like blogging.