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Wednesday From the Frozen South...

Today is day 3 of the "weather event" that hit the South.  Today, news reports have turned critical of the response of the City of Atlanta and local cities.   Let everyone know that the City of Atlanta reportedly owns 8 snow removal trucks.  Yes, just 8!   Then, mysteriously on Monday, the number jumped to 11!  Imagine what a positive impact the additional 3 trucks had on the mess outside!

Again, I made it to work, this time 2 hours sooner than yesterday.  My ride time was a mere 1.5 hours.  Normal travel time with zero traffic would turn out to be about 15 minutes.  Mother Nature dropped our temps into the teens last night and the roads were expectantly much worse for it.

As I approached my place of employment which is in a very lovely office complex, the street into the complex was blocked by a long string of horses of the construction type.

I said to Fred, just drop me off and I'll walk in.

But you will fall....nah...I'll be OK.

Away he pulls and not 3 minutes lat…

Tuesday from The Frozen South

I went to work today.  Managed to venture out much later than my start time, but when I arrived, it was good to know that management appreciated my efforts with a hot lunch plus abbreviated hours.  The message was clear, they wanted to be sure all of us made it home long before the roads refreeze.

Not all companies care so this sat very well with me.

Aside from that, a little Honda car was speeding north on 400 and thankfully, cleared us when it spun several times around.  This is the problem with snow on the ground in the South.  People don't stop for a minute to think that perhaps, maybe one just can't drive 50 mph after Mother Nature just dropped 6 inches of snow on us.

It's the other guy you always have to watch out for.

Drivin' 55 out!

Reflections of a Snow Day

Aside from feeling guilty about not being at work, not really,  I have been cooking and baking up a storm.   Bread Cakes  Stews Soup
Well, we have company so I am not eating all of this... By the way, this is not where I live but rather a photo of one of our first trips out West in our RV.  
In the distant, a grove of pecan trees... I am about to cuddle up with hubby in front of the fireplace. Its days like this when I realize that I am totally satisfied being safely,  tucked away inside my abode with my husband.  
Family is what is most important in life.
but you know what....
I knew this all along.
Dorothy was right...
There's no place like home.

If This Doesn't Make You Smile...

...nothing will!
I took this last weekend with my phone while dining at our local breakfast  place.  Having never been seated at this table, I had no idea this painting existed.  The overall size is about 3' x 5'.
My only thought was...
what was this artist's inspiration?

Happy New Year to You!

I can still remember the celebration we had in 1999. In some ways, I wish I could wiggle my nose and be right back  at that very moment we were ringing in the new year. So much has changed since then as life really deals  you some cards that are not always that royal flush.
But it call comes down to choices that we make. If I had only done this  or if I had only done that.
Too bad we don't get do overs in life.
Alas, I will place my quandary behind me and look  into the future of this brand new year of 2011.

Here are some of the things I plan on doing this year...
As always, I see how long I can go before I subconsciously write 2010 on a check (but since I don't  write very many checks these day, I'm thinking I will do much better than last year where I made it all the way to January 2, 1010)!
Joining Weight Watchers. Why, you ask?  Because I think WW is the least restrictive of all diets and I just have to have the new points calculator!  Wish me luck!
Having such an adorable subj…