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All I Need..

Impish smiles...
White Christmas... Fancy new purse and a new tube of lipstick...
What else does a woman need besides a healthy husband  and a warm fire?
Did you have a very Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All! Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus

Status Downgraded

Still haven't managed to decorate one little bit and sadly, I do not have the energy to do so. Being downgraded from "all time hostess" to guest has not set well with me yet. What shall I do with my 12 piece setting of my holiday Lenox china, matching stemware and my mother's silver?
I'm off to rescue my husband from yet another hospital stay.
Anyone for Cancun?

Dutch Butter Almond Coffee Cake

Just out of the oven,  cooling on the rack in my kitchen is the 
Butter Almond Cake 
from my Dutch cook book.
Today, I am baking two of them to send to my uncle in Chicago.
His wife past last year and I remember she always made this cake in  the house just waiting for company to come over. She was the first one to put on a pot of coffee  (why don't people put on a pot of coffee anymore) and serve this truly coffee cake.
It is the simplest recipe ever.
The dough
2 cups flour 1 cup sugar 1 cup butter 1 egg pinch of salt
Using your handy Kitchen aid mixer, blend the dough well.
Divide in half and place in either an 8" or 10" spring pan. 
The center
1 can Solo almond paste
Spoon or shave the almond paste and place all over the halved dough. Taking the other half of the dough, make a ball, smooch it out and  place on top of the almond paste.  Crimp the sides together.
Bake at 350 for about 50 minutes or until golden brown.
Let cool on rack.
Slice into wedges and put on a pot of coffee.
I wish I had smell…

Gettin' My Tree On

Tis the season...

to decorate the tree... lots of work...
but such joyous memories....
No, my tree is not up just yet, but I am  mentally preparing to do so! Is that the same as good intentions?

Recapping Thanksgiving

It's Saturday. Feels like Sunday. Just want to stay home and veg today. Problem is, hubby will drag my sorry arse all over creation.
My Thanksgiving was delightful. My son and favorite aunt shared our holiday. Here's the turkey that my son offered to the family. Perfection! Let me introduce Zoe, a 6 week chocolate lab.   Fred fell in love with the pup. Do you think anyone has bottled puppy breath yet? One would think that I pulled this photo out from my archives of photos from last September. Nope.  Thanksgiving day was 72 degrees. Last night was 29.   I'm so glad I got to capture this lovely hydrangea. And from me to you.... I think I need a neck lift...

Let Me Be The First To Wish You...

A Very Merry Christmas ...let the Season begin...

Donate to Hosea Feed the Hungry & Homeless

Let us all be reminded that not every one will have food in their bellies come Thanksgiving day.

Give a little.

Give a lot.

But please, just give something

.Hosea Feed The Hungry & Homeless

This is Glee!

This photo exhibits utter delight and glee!!

It Was Friday...

Today I spent my day off from work, spoiling my grandson and running all over God's creation.  The day began to the little patter of little feet, toddling into the den.  With his rabbit under one arm and Teddy/Monkey (although two separate, comfy little stuffed toys, they are one in the eyes of Jack...Teddy is a little May blankie with a bear head on it and Monkey is, well, a little stuffed monkey) under the other arm, he climbed up on my lap to snuggle.  Always the first words out of his mouth is "Strawwww...bury milk, Mimi", I jump up to spoil this little soul.  After downing his first drink of the day, I ask him if he wants cheesy eggs.  Off to the kitchen once again, this time making cheesy eggs with cookie cutter pumpkin bread with butter.  No matter, we were planning on feeding the ducks later in the day so the crusts would not go to waste!

I managed to shoot lots of photos today but must first edit and will probably finish them tomorrow.

If I did anything today, m…

Words That I Will Never Forget

A week or two ago, I picked Jack up from daycare, snuck up quietly around him and then popped up to surprise him.
As a 2.5 year old would say, he jumped up, ran towards me with a smile on his face and his arms outstretched said...
"Dats ma Mimi!"
My heart melted!

Disheveled? You Betcha!

Well, this is proof that I am still alive.  I've decided to let my hair grow, although it is looking a little flat in this photo.  Yes, I look slightly disheveled so my looks matches the way I feel. Just between you and me...I had to take off my glasses to take this photo...I can't read a thing without my glasses. Hubby finally home from the hospital.  Only 6 prescriptions to pick up on the way home...thank goodness for insurance as we only had to pay $65. Looking forward to a beautiful fall weekend.

I'm Not That Woman...

I'm not that woman who can keep her mouth shut when I find service is less than acceptable...

I'm not that woman who remains calm and sweet at all times...
I'm not that woman who enters a room and is the life of the party...
I'm not that woman who drips in self confidence...
I'm not that woman who can forget the hundreds of hurts over the years...
I'm not that woman who will extend yet another apology when it is considered a lost cause...
I'm not that woman who appears to be stoic and strong...
I'm not that woman who bends...

I am what I am.

Take me or leave me.

Your choice.

So...As I Was Saying...

It seems like only yesterday that I blogged last, but if you are checking the date of my last post, you will totally disagree with me.  That's quite OK.

Hubby finally had his second surgery.  After a little surgery scare, things worked out for the best and he is mending very well but cannot return to work until next Monday.  (when can I watch the shows that I want to watch?)  The man is under strict orders not to do any heavy lifting and must take it easy, but alas, how does one hold a good man down?  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.  And just for clarity, duct taping him to the bed was not successful at all.

For the first time ever in the history of my life, I had a 3 day cold.  No, not 7 days or 10 days, but only 3.  What was my secret?  Well, thanks to Laura Peach, I remembered to rub Vicks on the bottom of my feet last night, slept for 11 hours straight and woke up a new woman this morning.  Thanks to Laura for the tip and thanks to having the ability to post on Fa…

Where Has All the D Gone?

For weeks now, I have been dragging my flabby white butt around, wondering what  the heck is the matter with me.  For the most part, I've been blaming my lack of energy on the fact that I started working last month and am so very out of touch with the working schedule.
Only after having my first physical in years and having a full CBC (all those years of watching ER have paid off) blood work up, did I find that I am terribly deficient in vitamin D.  Combine this with a lack luster thyroid and together you have one very exhausted mid 50 woman.  
Here's what I've learned about vitamin D.  
Vitamin is ofutmost importance for your body because its role is to help your body use the calcium and phosphorus from your food. It also regulates normal cellular differentiation thus preventing cancer and helps insulin secretion. Deficiency of this vitamin is connected to rickets.   Yes, rickets!  Chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and weight loss (not in my case...…

Happy Birthday, Baby Sister

My sister and I are almost 5 years apart.  She is everything that a sister should and can be. Here she is at my daughter's wedding three and a half years ago.
Here she is adoring her husband, Steve. Noticed that she lost mega weight. Way to go, Geri! I love you very much... and oh, your card is in the mail!


My favorite time of year is fast approaching.   Fall.   Autumn.  Why do I get goose bumps when I see the long shadows appear on the road I drive everyday? Is it the crispness of the evening air that welcomes the arrival of my sweaters that have been packed away? Or is it simply the end of summer and the expectation of opening windows to breathe the fresh air? I don't know about you, but this is my favorite time of year.
I know that I have recycled this photo before but I promise to get my camera out again very soon, but it is one of my favorites. Do you share my passion for this season? What is your favorite time of the year?

I Guess You're A Redneck If...

... you love NASCAR and have a favorite driver... ...when it is announced... Gentleman, start your engines... and the noise knocks you on your butt... ..your driver comes in third, but you love it all the same!
This NASCAR obsession began in 2006 for no apparent reason.   Honestly, I do not know where this inclination came from.   Perhaps I am channeling another person from a parallel universe! I guess you can say it is my guilty pleasure.  

What Are Your Labor Day Plans?

Greetings from the South!   Life among the working class is becoming easier and easier as each day passes. Acknowledging that I must take a kinder and gentler approach to dealing with people, I have seen a marked improvement.  Again, I think it is all me and not the poor folks who  experience dispare.   Labor day weekend approaches and the formal end to this hot summer will be behind us.   My plans are to celebrate the official kick off of college football!   Go Dawgs!  Don't tell anyone, but I am teaching Jack to say Go Dawgs instead of  rooting for the Florida Gators! Sunday we will be at our first NASCAR race right here at Atlanta Motor Speedway! This may be my first and last one can say, but I am excited about seeing this event first hand.
I will be rooting for the Number 48, Jimmie Johnson!  
Tell me, what are you doing this holiday weekend?

A Time To Vent

Hi Ya'll!  No, I haven't faded away into the woodwork.  I have emerged myself into the working folk and am trying to make this transaction as seamless as possible.
My new job requires me to be both on the computer and on the telephone ALL DAY LONG!  Did I mention that I really do not like to talk on the telephone?  Yah, right.
If I have learned anything, it is I now totally understand that the person on the other end of the phone is a human being deserving of my patience, understanding and compassion.  However, people, pay your damn bills!  I am the first to acknowledge that we all have financial difficulties from time to time but please, do not blame me for doing my job.  I am not the one who failed to pay your bill on time.  Yelling at me does not change the situation.
OK, that is out of my system.  I am now prepared to enjoy my weekend, sleep in, and be lazy if I want to be.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I'll be back as soon as I can face this computer a…

The Eyes Have It!

After waiting 4 years for health insurance, my husband's insurance finally went into affect on August 1st.  Not wanting to wait another moment, I quickly made an appointment at the local Walmart Eye Care department.  I was sure to ask if they carried my health care provider and the comment was, oh yes, but if we have a problem, we will call you.

Now I don't know about you, but I really cannot stand getting my eyes dilated.  Once the solution is dropped into my eyes, I don't see clearly until the end of the next day.  Luckily, my very sweet doc conveyed that if she could see my eyes clearly, no need for the evil solution.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief and wanted to quickly celebrate.  (the wine on the left happens to be my favorite)

Come to my surprise when I was ready to pay, that I choose the only Walmart in the state of Georgia that was somehow excluded from my insurance plan.  Gah!  Good news is I only paid $67 (although I should have only paid $10).  No worries.  My…

What I've Learned in Training

Here are the very important things that I've learned while training on the new job this week:

I know how to use homeboys in a sentenceCan process an order to turn someone's utilities offHave a strong need to have "real" Mexican foodTake a payment over the phoneKnows what "on deck" means and not in a baseball connotationDirect customers to the company's web siteThe younger generation is down wit chooMore people than I care to think, are rude towards the person on the other end of the line
With all that said, I am hoping to win the big lottery jackpot so I can retire.

It Feels Like The First Day of School

Yes, it's true.  The first day of a new job is much like the first day of school.  Your backpack is full of shiny new crayons and your mom packed the best lunch in your bright new lunch box.  Although in my case, I wore my new outfit from Chico's and I was armed with several pens, paper and highlighter.  

I will be sure to stick it out because after all, a paycheck is hard to come by these days.  

This post has been me if you want the real scoop!


When I worked full time, I somehow managed to have a great marriage, raise two wonderful kids, lead a brownie troop and cub scout den, taught Sunday school, keep a pin neat house, had a rockin' career, worked 10 hour days, prepared home cooked meals and managed to find time to volunteered at the local firehouse and so much more.

Since the time in which I was unemployed, I hardly accomplished anything.  Truly.  Some of it, I'm sure is that fact that I was swallowed up by the whole depression of the conflicting times.  If you are not mindful of this, you can quickly slide down the slippery slope.  Meds only work so much but to make a real change, one needs something to look forward to. (yes, I am dangling a preposition, but I'm from the Midwest...that's what we do).

My hopes for this new chapter in my life is that I become that maniac of a "doer" again.  That the pure excitement of life drives me to become a person who accomplishes much.

Wordless Wednesday



...all is good... hopefully, great news to report next week... Lord willing!


Why am I so unsettled? I feel empty.
What am I searching for?

To Be Pampered

I want to be pampered... sounds good, right?
What do you crave when you feel this way?
Mani/Pedi? Hair coloring? Massage? Sleep in?
All of the above?

Bust the Heat With Christmas in July!

Since dreaming of cooler weather doesn't quite seem to do the trick, how about a little Christmas in July? After all, QVC and HSN just completed their Christmas shows! If we can transcend ourselves to a time where the heat and humidity of summer doesn't exist... ...perhaps we can elude the summer misery...
...I'm thinking of snow and snowballs... ...crisp air that smells so fresh... favorite Christmas carols running through my head... ...the ringing of the Salvation Army bell as I enter the store... ...the seat warmer in my car...
...taking Jack to see Santa Claus at the mall... ...twinkling lights... ...the smell of fresh fir...

Are we there yet?  
I'm sure by winter I will be posting about the gawd awful cold snap and frigid temperatures...
but ya know....I would like that chance right now!
Think cool!

Dream A Little Dream Of...

The heat is so oppressive this summer that I am wishing, no dreaming of cooler climates.  Seriously!  Just last night I dreamt of sitting near the water somewhere in Maine.  While I clung to my sweater and wrapped it tightly around me, I called to my beagle, Heidi, to return to a closer proximity to me.

As my face was stretched to the heavens, I found refuge in the sounds of the crashing waves.  The cool breeze was my friend.  Then I woke up...

...Reality sucks!

Stay cool...

It's What's For Dinner

I think it is fish taco time!
Mai hi mai hi fish with panko breadcrumbs...
Now where is my Tyler Florence cook book?

Tuesday Tidings

Nothing! I got nothin'!
It's stinkin' hot and the air conditioner refuses to shut off. (which is probably a really good thing) I am keeping it at 76 degrees during the day and dropping the temps to 74 at night. Believe me, you ladies out there know we would all have the thermostat set on 68 during the summer if we  didn't have to sell a kidney!
Perhaps tomorrow I will cool off in the pool.

I find it hard to believe that this little baldy was Jack just last summer. My, how he's changed. Glad he finally grew some hair!

Invitations By Deborah

With a little bit of angst, three weeks ago, I delivered these wedding invitations to a very sweet  Bride to be.  Let me say this bride to be was the calmest of any person I've ever met.  This sweetheart was a dream to work with.
I delivered for her, the pocket wedding invitation in a shimmer onyx color, accented with a shimmery silver.  All materials were printed on a pearl, shimmer paper which gave the entire invitation a sense of fun while being so very classy.

Inside the invitation, the standard invite is listed on the right. On the left, this pocket holds three different cards, RVSP, Wedding Details and Accommodations sheets.
To add a bit more sparkle and dimension, I added 3 clear crystals at the very top.
The photograph may not be able to display that there are three clear  crystals located at the v on the pocket.
Addressed envelopes were provided with the return address.
I must admit, I really enjoyed creating this set for my lovely Bride to Be!
Recently, I delivered a custom invita…

Wordless Wednesday

Come to Mama!


Why are you taking my picture?

One Simply Cannot Refuse

Can we go swimming now, Mimi?

Life's Not Fair...

I miss you everyday...

Everyday Miracles

This photo just amazes me to no end and baffles me to think that some divine being, in my case, my God, created each and every one of these little, tiny sea shells for my pleasure.   Granted, this area is approximately 3' x 4' and look at the number of shells washed up on the beach!  I am left with the sense of just how small we truly are as we are just a tiny spec in an overwhelming universe of life.  The colors are so peaceful, serene and calming.  Some may say these are just beiges but I say, nonsense!

16:1Preserve me, God, for in you do I take refuge.