Tuesday Tidings

I got nothin'!

It's stinkin' hot and the air conditioner refuses to shut off.
(which is probably a really good thing)
I am keeping it at 76 degrees during the day and dropping the temps to 74 at night.
Believe me, you ladies out there know we would all have the thermostat set on 68 during the summer if we  didn't have to sell a kidney!

Perhaps tomorrow I will cool off in the pool.

I find it hard to believe that this little baldy was Jack just last summer.
My, how he's changed.
Glad he finally grew some hair!



Chatty Crone said…
He is so cute - and swimming at the pool - just the thing to beat the heat. I can't remember it being this hot.
Rose said…
a very cute child. i wish i had a pool.
jojo said…
Yikes, that sounds miserable! Hope you get a cool down soon...
Mental P Mama said…
The dawg days of summer are everywhere! Kiss that big boy!
Jane said…
Very cute picture. Enjoy your pool!

Daryl said…
They grow up so fast, I am glad you've got lots of memories of his 'youth' to look back on

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