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You Need an Embellishment Right Here!

You need an embellishment right here
Originally uploaded by seabeagle This is Will. He loves to critic my scrapbooking skills. He feels as though he is an expert because he takes naps on top of my Lisa Bearnson books. Everyone is always a critic!

Random Thoughts You Could Probably Live Without!

These are just some random list of nonsense things that either bug me, irk me, enhance my day.

I love the All Natural Granola Bark from PublixNot so much a fan of the new Hazelnut Biscotti creamerI despise when while pouring my coffee in the morning that the pot leaks all over the counter. (this isn't supposed to happen as I purchased the dang thing from Williams Sonoma)I took the What Type of Flower Are You? and I am a Snapdragon! Go figure! Is everybody a Snapdragon?I really hate my cell phone and long for the day when they did not existI confess that I love to watch the hurricanes as they twist and turn through the Atlantic as they make their way westwardI love a good thunderstormIf my family is safely tucked inside their homes, I love a snow storm. Not the dusting we so often get here in Atlanta, but the ones I experienced during my years in Chicago burbsI am absolutely addicted to Michelina's Buffalo Style Chicken Snack - on the days that I follow Weight Watchers, I'm …

Hair Styling Conspiracy

OK, lately, I have been obsessed with hair related posts. I have determined that this obsession is based on my mother's famous words, "A woman's hair is her crowning glory". Yes, I heard this a lot but not as much as "A place for everything and everything in its place". That one, which still brings shivers down my spin, I hated the most and is probably why my drawers and closets would cause Martha Steward to have a coronary. Back to hair. Sunday I sat behind someone in church who had the perfect hair cut, hair color, hair style and hair do. Would it have been wrong to tap her on the shoulder, move forward and whisper "I love your hair. Where do you get it done?" when I was supposed to be listening intently to the priest's sermon? There are just some things that I cannot live without and if stranded on a desert island with electricity, these items would be so in my bag. To begin the list my hair dryer 1" round styling brush 2" round styli…

When Hair is Just Hair

For more years than I care to remember, I have used a variety of products on my hair. Aside from the normal shampoo and conditioner, I have added moose, gel, hair spray, lemon juice, peroxide, straightener, highlights, even perms. Depending on the era, I either wanted to add volume, glue a strand of hair in place, affix even one hair from moving, add shine, add dullness, naturally highlight, enhance curls or even negate them all together. You see, I believed every word my hairdresser proclaimed and was swept away (no pun intended...hehehe) by what is known as the "up fronts". Those last minute purchases made at the register while the receptionist added glowing accolades on how great my hair looked. I own it all.

Yet the other day, whether it was lack of time or just a forgetful moment, I got out of the shower and began drying my hair. Yep, no products. Much to my surprise, well, shock, my hair never looked so good! There were no flips in the wrong places. No wicked cowlic…

Sleeping Dogs? What About Cats?

We have all heard of the phrase, "Let sleeping dogs lie" and "Never wake a sleeping baby", well who has ever heard of a rule that applies to a sleeping cat?

Never, mind you, NEVER, come up upon your sleeping cat and think it is a good idea to give him a kiss. If your cat is in a deep sleep like mine was, you will find your face clawed because you startled the little furry guy. Yes, my face now looks like I have been clawed by a bear, well, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but none the less, I am grateful that I am a bang wearer! Excuse me now while I go find the antibiotic cream.

A Secret...or Two...Revealed!

OK, yesterday, I just didn't feel like blogging. I tried, I really did, but I had nothing. I found myself spending way too many hours reading about September 11th on Wikipedia. Don't ask me why because I cannot explain it. This need to know began back when my girlfriends were reading the lastest Victoria Holt book (yes, I am dating myself as this is circa 1968), I was reading about Auschwitz. All through my life I have had obsessions with certain points in history, Auschwitz, Pearl Harbor, JFK Assassination, Henry VIII to name a few, in which I spend hours and hours reading to further understand. Once again, I digress. So, today's post will be a little lighter than in which the way I spent my day yesterday. Here confession for the day.... I absolutely love the Tori & Dean show on Oxygen! Like, wow, totally awesome! Why does this show have such a draw? Secretly, you watch it, too and were afraid to say it out loud, right? I guess we all had this preconceived n…

Free Therapy!

Do you feel the need to pop bubble wrap? Are you one of those people? Well, thanks to a friend who send me an email with this link to it, I decided to share with the other maniacs in the world that cannot pass up a piece of bubble wrap without taking a pop or two...or three, oh you know, pop the entire sheet!
Consider it therapy, but much, much cheaper!

Click Here

What is Wrong With Me?

Let the truth be known, I have a serious addiction. Yes, it is on my own blog that I share this affliction with you, my loyal readers! (all 3 of you) At times, I feel as though I am possessed. Possessed to the point that it overcomes every inch of my being. Most of the times, I cannot control these urges. No, there is no way to control myself. I don't believe I am the only person on earth suffering from this malady. No, I am certain I am not alone. You see, I am a scrapstampaholic. News of the latest products drives me completely out of my mind. I will visit the company's web sites and drool over the new "must haves". And just to wind me up even more, I sign up for email blasts. In these emails, projects galore fill the pages. Wow! This is the coolest thing ever! I can make lots of presents using this latest little "must have". After all, I have to justify my frivolous spending somehow! What has me all rilled up? JustRite Stampers new Large Monogram Stamper…

A Packed Filled Day of Fun!!

Boy, yesterday was a fun filled day packed with lots of activities! We left the RV at 10:00 am and returned at 10:00 pm, spending the entire day with my children, mothers, babies, friends who are really like family members.

We started by stopping by Piedmont hospital to meet little Molly Beth for the very first time. Here she is, sleeping like a little princess. Don't you just want to pinch those little cheeks and kiss her from head to toe? Why is holding a baby so emotionally uplifting? Is it because we are holding the closest thing to innocence on earth? Is it that these little souls are so pure? Or is it that these little miracles trust so unconditionally?
After a short visit with the new parents, we had to hit the road to head down to Fayetteville.

Upon existing the highway, there it was. The RaceTrac sign! WOW! $3.59 a gallon! I was so excited, well, you know, I took this picture.

Next, we unloaded the clan and entered the nursing home to visit my MIL. Here's Jack and his D…

A Glimpse of Importance

How would we get through our lives without the people around us? These people we hold close to our hearts, our friends, love us in spite of who we are. Sometimes a friend comes into our lives for a short amount of time while others have stay staying power. Regardless, that doesn't mean one holds more value over the other as all of our friends, my friends, have helped me through the winding road of life.

Carolyn and Joe are dear friends of ours. We've shared some great vacations, house projects and many hours listening to music on 50's, 60's and my favorite, 70's satellite station trying to guess not only the year of the song but also the artist. My answer to every song was always "Bread". I don't even know what songs Bread sang! Go figure!

This photo of my husband and my friend, Becky, is a keeper! Sure, Becky is doing what she does best, making martinis, but Fred has the biggest grin on his face. See, he refrains from smiling most of the time. I thin…

Here She Is....

Here she is, the future Miss America, Miss Molly Beth! Dad is changing diapers while Mom is tending to Molly. Grandma is in from Jamica to assist the new parents. Sarah and Molly will be at the hospital for a few days. Can't wait to meet her this Saturday!

Molly Is Here!

At 4:59 PM, Molly Elizabeth was born at Piedmont Hospital. Erika received a phone call from Sarah's friend, Kay. Here's how the phone call went.

Kay: Sarah had Molly at 4:59 today

Erika: How is Sarah?

Kay: Sarah is in recovery. I haven't seen her yet. Doug is in the nursery, but Molly isn't there yet.

Erika: How much did she weigh?

Kay: 9 pounds....pause

Erika: 9 pounds! Wow!

Kay: 9 pounds 13 ounces!

Erika: WOW! That hurts just hearing it! I'm glad Sarah had to have a C-Section.

Kay: So is Sarah!

Little Molly was breech and the reason for the C-Section. So, Molly probably will not fit into the newborn diapers or most of the newborn clothes. All the more reason to go to Babies R Us to buy more clothes for Molly Beth.

Update: 8:47PM
Let me stand corrected. Miss Molly weighed in at 9 lbs 13.5 oz. Her first photo that her Daddy posted on Flickr proves she is a beautiful, bouncing, baby girl! Little boys, be on alert! Miss Molly will be a heart breaker!

And We Wait...

Anyone notice the storm we had in the Atlanta area last night? Well, that little storm set back the new baby's delivery. Yes, it is true, drop in barometric pressure causes pregnant women to go into labor. Sarah was pushed back to 2:00 with a delivery expected around NOW! We are all waiting for Doug to provide pictures via his IPhone.
Sorry, but I don't think Molly's birthday will coincide with my friend's birthday. But Happy Birthday to Debra!

Tomorrow, A New Life Enters the World

There are babies everywhere! I believe the reports that in 2008, we are in the midst of another "baby boom".

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 13, 2008, a dear family friend, Sarah will give birth at Piedmont Hospital. This is the first child for Sarah and her husband Doug. Sarah and Erika go way back to their days at Young Harris College where they roomed together.

Molly Elizabeth Coole will enter this world at approximately noon. I will, with permission, post photos of Molly Beth as soon as we get to visit her.

Another baby to love and spoil! The world is a beautiful place!


Is there nothing better than to wake up to a fresh, hot cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer? Not in my book there isn't!
Sipping my hot coffee while blogging and chatting on the phone, well, that is dreamy!
What's your favorite way to rise in the morning? Are you a tea drinker? Need to have a Pepsi or Coke? Tell me.

Weekend in Review

This weekend was a fun filled one, packed with everything from a trip to the movies, visiting with friends, christening a new bar, lunch at Macaroni Grill and looking at houses (my favorite past time because I love to decorate). So let me recap our activities...
We finally got around to it to see Momma Mia. I have to tell you that this movie was full of songs, Greece, dancing, Greece, great cast, Greece, toe tapping music and finally Greece. This leads me to my next gotta plan Mediterranean cruise to the Greek Isles. Back to the movie, Meryl Streep was really good and who knew she could sing? Pierce Bronson is so handsome and a treat for this old lady's eyes, but the truth be known, he should never sing in public again or wear blue spandex! Don't get me wrong. I would see this movie again in a heart beat and when it comes out on DVD to purchase, I will own this. Saturday we drove down to visit our friends who have felt a bit neglected. A good time was ha…

Cooing and Squealing and Screams, Oh My!

Since once again, being rooted back in the red clay of Georgia, I have the chance to babysit my little bundle of joy, Jack Aaron. Being a recipient of one of his smiles surpasses any bottled happiness a person can drink. Let me tell you. It is a natural high that cannot be explained.
Jack has found his voice. Aside from cooing and gurgling, Jack discovered his little mini scream. At the ripe old age of 9 weeks, he has mastered the task of rolling over from his belly to his back. OK, mastered is a bit of an exaggeration because he really only rolled over 4 times! However, in the act of rolling over, Jack gets really frustrated. It's hard work, afterall! No crying. Just loud, shrill squeals and an occasional scream. He loves the sounds of his little voice which leads me to believe he will chatter and talk or ears off in the years to come. I have begun to prepare for the million questions "Why, Grama?".There are so many new and exciting things at the disposal of parents and…

Random Emails Leads to Wild Banter

One of my emails I received today came from Thomasville. I love their furniture as evidence of my choices in my bedroom, kitchen and end tables but that is not the purpose of this blog entry.

After further reading, Thomasville has a line of furniture named The Sililoque Furniture Collection. Although I am not fond of this collection, I love the word. For only reasons that my brain can knows, the word soliloquy has been stuck in my head since reading this silly email. Soliloquy. Soliloquy. Doesn't it just roll off your tongue? Shouldn't we use this word and words like it in every day language just because it sounds so beautiful? Soliloquy. It makes me smile. Shakespeare used the soliloquy in order to reveal his characters' personal thoughts, emotions, and motives. Even if you are not versed in the readings of Shakespeare, we all know the famous "To be or not to be" speech. I am guilty of daily soliloquies. Is it still a soliloquy if my cats are in the same room?

Visit with My Sister

The trip to Cape May proved to be quite relaxing and enjoyable. Spending time with my sister and her family is always fun.
Here we are at the Mad Batter where we just enjoyed a fabulous breakfast. Someone who reads my blog suggested we go here. I had the best French Toast ever. Unfortunately, I had to sit next to my sister while she ordered and ate Eggs Benedict. Did I mention that I hate eggs? Gross!
Yes, this picture is out of order, but here is my baby sister hugging on her brother-in-law. She has known him since she was 9 years old. Yes, I am that old!
Despite the seething heat and humidity of 200%, we still walked around Cape May. But I stopped to smell the roses or in this case, shoot the camera at many of the eye popping flowers and window boxes outside the million B & B's.
I kid you not, this was the largest hibiscus I have ever seen in my life. The circumference had to be 12 inches in diameter. If anyone knows just how they grow hibiscus this large in New …

Pasta with Asparagus!

Feeling a bit creative in the kitchen tonight, I whipped up a simple, light and very yummy meal in no time at all. Since my visit to Sam's Club on Saturday resulted in over 2 pounds of fresh asparagus in my fridge I knew I must use it or lose it! Last night I seasoned half of it with fresh garlic, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil and grilled it. Leaving the other pound of this yummy veggie, I knew I had to take advantage of the remainder in my fridge. Here's what you will need to get started: half box of thin spaghetti 1 pound of fresh asparagus - cut into 2 inch pieces half pound of fresh peas (I bought these at our local Adam's Farm) 1 or 2 cloves of fresh garlic - minced or chopped half onion - chopped finely fresh Parmesan cheese - the good stuff, not the stuff in the green container tiny bit of red pepper flakes and lastly, my favorite, extra virgin olive oil Now I don't have to tell you to cook your spaghetti as usual. Two minutes before your spaghetti is done, throw in…

My Sister's Garden

My sister's garden is full of wonderful little vignettes all for the eye to see. So you can imagine the wonderful time I had walking the grounds, shooting my camera.
Last year, they resided the house with a seamless siding that transformed her house to a lovely little cottage right out of your favorite storybook.
This arrangement of hosta, ivy, coleus, impatiences and fresh basil outside her side door is so inviting. Who wouldn't you want to plop down on her comfy sofa and sit for a spell? Note the slate sign nestled behind the enormous hosta. I purchased that for my sister one year at The Cotton Pickin Fair in Gay, Georgia.
Walking to the back yard... no, this isn't the fence that my honey's on the other side of the house...I loved this shot. My sister's backyard is virtually a wildlife retreat. Just a few nights before we arrived, a mother fox and 5 of her babies were spotted right back here. Here's a silly and embarrassing story. Her family was sit…

Brillante Weblog Award

Thanks to my dear friend (she knows who she is...:) ), I had the extreme pleasure of the receiving the Brillante Weblog Award. It is an honor and I bow as I accept this award!
According to the rules, I must bestow this award upon 7 other bloggers. Here's the problem, all the blogs I read have already received this honor.
However, I will site those blogs that inspire me each and every day, even if there is a redundancy.

To Debra, who inspired me to get into the blogging world.

To Chere, who is a fun loving, cabin/roomie nut who shares a love of Canon equipment!

To Jamie, who is a great Mom, hard working career person who loves her family...and by the way...did I mention she is expecting Ava in December?

In addition to these blogs I read as often as I can, I love, love, love The Pioneer Woman blog. She is a funny mom, living life on a ranch, and cooking up a storm! Check out her Cooking Section for so many great recipes. Honestly, I have tried several and they are completely…


OK, here's the latest news regarding the status of "Drivin' 55". For a variety of reasons, gas prices, the floundering economy, lackluster sales and Baby Jack, we have determined to hang up the travelin' shoes and stay put in Georgia. Although we will miss seeing this beautiful country, my grandson needs his grandparents! We have seen so many beautiful places in the last year. To name a few... the thunderous beauty and energy of Niagara Falls, the coolness of the summer days in Manchester, New Hampshire, the beautiful corn fields and flat lands of the Midwest, the awesome and majestic Rocky Mountains, the thrilling views and drive to Pike's Peak, the calm, simple beauty of the desert in Arizona, the overwhelming engineering of Hover Dam, the serene sunsets of the Pacific coast, the incredible rock formations on highway 8 near the Mexico border and there are so many more that I cannot name them all. Aside from the great memories we collected, one thing was…

What the Heck?

Hey! Where did my posts go? I left them alone for a few days and somehow, my last two post disappeared. Are there gnomes in blogger that play little tricks on our blogs? How can I possibly recreate such a well written description of Sunday and Monday? I know...gag, right?
Stay tuned for some great photos of the fog enveloping the town, great photos of black-eyes Susansand of course, my muse, little Jack.