Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Sister's Garden

My sister's garden is full of wonderful little vignettes all for the eye to see. So you can imagine the wonderful time I had walking the grounds, shooting my camera.

Last year, they resided the house with a seamless siding that transformed her house to a lovely little cottage right out of your favorite storybook.

This arrangement of hosta, ivy, coleus, impatiences and fresh basil outside her side door is so inviting. Who wouldn't you want to plop down on her comfy sofa and sit for a spell? Note the slate sign nestled behind the enormous hosta. I purchased that for my sister one year at The Cotton Pickin Fair in Gay, Georgia.

Walking to the back yard... no, this isn't the fence that my honey's on the other side of the house...I loved this shot. My sister's backyard is virtually a wildlife retreat. Just a few nights before we arrived, a mother fox and 5 of her babies were spotted right back here.

Here's a silly and embarrassing story. Her family was sitting in the family room and heard screaming. Children screaming loudly. It was dark and my baby sister's first impression was to call the police. When Park Ridge's finest arrived on the scene, they politely said "Ma'am, that is the sound of a mother fox calling her baby fox to come back home." See that little house in the middle of the photo. Every animal known to man has given birth beneath the studio.

I love black eyed susans. I love the blue, green and brown eyed susans, too. Yes, that was corny. Sorry.

Black eyed susans attract butterflies. My friend, Debra, photographs the most gorgeous butterflies on her nature walks and in her backyard. I should have shot the butterflies but I didn't want to embarrass myself. Although, mark my words. There will be a time when I enlarge my equipment inventory. When that time comes, if I can take photos half as stunning as Debra's, I will smile softly.

There's something stunning about hydrangeas. You really never know what color they are going to be until they bloom. It's all about pH levels and either adding aluminum or subtracting aluminum from the soil. It's too much for my pretty little head to think about. I'd rather be surprized by Mother Nature.

Tomorrow...there will be more.


Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Love your sister's garden. It looks so quaint, shady, and inviting. That's funny about the fox. I never knew they made any noise at all. On occasion, I can stand on our back deck and hear the coyotes calling to each other as they travel along the creek bed in search of food. It's an eerie sound. Your photography is lovely, Deb. There's no perfect science to a great photo. All it takes is the right moment, right lighting, and holding your mouth in just the right way ;-) Actually, all it takes is lots and lots of practice. I must have taken 50 images of the butterfly (posted on my blog Saturday) to find a handful of usable shots. Thank goodness for digital! I could never afford film photography. Keep the photos coming. You're more talented than you give yourself credit!

Deb said...

That is so photography affords us the opportunity to experiment in trying to get on disk what you think your eye sees.
Thank you for your kind accolates but I still think you ROCK!!!

Chere said...

What a peaceful yard. It makes me want to sit down with a glass of tea and rest. Your photos are beautiful. Like Debra, I too take a lot of pictures that I never do anything with. I am waiting for Canon to make a Macro lense with Is capability. Deb, just keep snapping away.