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I Said Smile

Smile, dammit!

Take A Hike

Stairs anyone?


We must remember to look at the world through the eyes of the innocent children.

Life Stands Still...

Enjoy these moments in life... as these are the memories to be treasured.

Oh, I Wish It Would Rain...

Here is the forecast for ROSWELL, GA:

Bats in the Belfry? Well...Sorta

I know I'm batty but now I've found a place to hide. The Bat House... Seriously, I photographed this bat house along the river last week and now notice that these bat houses have prime real estate along the river's edge. Bat Conservation is an important part of the environment. One bat can catch hundreds of mosquitos an hour. Anything to ward off those nasty mosquitos.
A public service post!

Spring in Atlanta

As beautiful as this is, I am so suffering from allergies this spring. Just took a Zyrtec, let's hope I survive spring.

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday's Insecurities Revealed

I am insecure. Very insecure. When I worked at my prior job for 22 years, making great money, having insane responsibilities, managing teams of people on four continents and making split second decisions, I secretly thought that it was just a matter of time when someone would say, "What is she doing here?" "Off with her head!" "Out the door she goes!"
In my mind, I felt as though I did not belong and soon I would be discovered as a fraud and then completely become exposed to the shame of the scam.
It never happened. But gosh I felt is was always lurking right behind the next door.
One day, not to long ago, I think I caught some diddy on TV about Betty White in which she shared said she too, was just waiting to be discovered that as incompetent and out of a job.
So I began to wonder...Do we as women feel this insecurity because we work in a man's world? Because we are women who play by man's rules? Would it be different if we were nurtured by…

Walls Are My Friends

Walls. Walls help to keep up the roof which keeps us dry and safe from the elements. Walls. Separates one living space from another. Walls. Act as fences to keep things out of where they don't belong. Walls. An impenetrable structure.
I love walls.
In the past, I have been accused of building walls around me. Walls that I like to think, protect me in the same matter as walls around a village which protects the common folk from the harsh elements of the outside world.
I happen to think that my walls are surrounding me to protect the delicate balance of my life. Let the truth be known, there was a point in my life that I did not even acknowledge the existence of such walls until much later in life. Walls. A defense mechanism to ward off hurtful and evil things.
I love my walls. It is my choice who to allow inside the vast concrete walls. Hurt me once and I build taller, stronger, deeper walls. Show me kindness and perhaps I will chip away at one or two bricks, but …

Can You Guess?

Over the years, I tend to take photos of really amazing drinks I've had all over the US. This one should stump most everyone. It is a margarita, yes, but is it a
Avocado Margarita which should blow every one's mind.
Aside from the obvious tequila, the drink was smooth, very smooth and thick and creamy. Yes, I would have another in the future!

You See Just About Anything In Disney

There is nothing cuter than when these two pups dine on a plate of spaghetti and slurp up the same noodle. I can't wait to watch this movie with Jack. Happy Thursday, everyone!