Oh, I Wish It Would Rain...

Here is the forecast for ROSWELL, GA:
Today's active pollen:
Oak, Birch and Sycamore

Come on rain...scoot your butt over to Georgia,


You all are NO match for the pollen!


Linda said…
Deb I am with you 100%..still suffering myself! Enjoyed meeting you a lot! I havent' worked on my scrapbooks in over a year, do you belong to a group?

Tammy said…
Sending rainy thoughts your way!
Grandma J said…
You can have our rain. My backyard is a pond again!

I hate allergies.
Catsngrams said…
I feel your pain. Allergies are so miserable. Hope you get some relief soon.
Chatty Crone said…
I agree we need rain - either we get a ton or rain or none!

Maria said…
Can't believe we'd be wishing for rain in the south after that boggy winter we had. I don't have allergies but very dusty here and the pasture and garden need watering.
First time with allergy problems for me at age 56 of all things. Yes, the forecasted rain due here tomorrow had better make things better; the meds certainly have done nothing so far.

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