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Happy New Year 2012

Whew!  That was odd!  I know I haven't blogged in forever, but finally I was able to log into my Drivin' 55 blog.
Just wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year.  Be safe tonight.  We plan on being home at 10 tonight.  

I Am In Love.....

Seeing this little angel makes me realize that I so miss my little Heidi.  She gave us thirteen wonderful years as a faithful, loving, sometimes obedient beagle!  I always considered her to be "my" dog and in looking back over my life, I know she cannot be replaced, but seeing this little beauty makes me wonder if maybe, just maybe, there's another little sweetheart due to share my home and heart again.
By the way, I found this photo on Pinterest.  If you haven't stumbled upon it, let me just warn you that once you visit this site, you will have spent several hours just wandering around.

Don't Need Caffeine Today!

Sometimes, ones morning presents itself with a jolt of adrenaline that causes the old heart to nearly explode.  Like this morning by chance! It's usually our habit to check banking statements, especially after paydays to insure  monies have been deposited as they should. Well, this morning, our bank displayed a balance that did not compute. It did not compute! Why shouldn't banks be available at 6:10 in the morning?   If any updating should occur, I vote for 2:27 a.m.,  not 6:10 a.m.!   A person could have a heart attack.... after 2 phone calls, we thus discovered all deposits were applied.   Geezzzz...didn't need caffeine this morning.

Be On The Look Out

I am on the look out for this fabric for Jack's room.  He is so into pirates ( and a myriad of other things) but I thought this would contribute to a very nice theme for his room. Look how a headboard was created.   A sail. I'm gonna do this!

So here's a closer look at the pattern.   Please hollar if you see it!

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Where have I been?  WHERE have I been?   Well, nothing much has changed.  I wasn't lying on a beach in Tahiti.  Nor was I fishing for the Great White. More along a boring matter, I am still working at what I consider my dream job.  Honestly, I am completely 180 degrees from where I was one year ago where I hated getting up in the morning and dreading spending hours upon hours on the phone.  Today, I could work 7 days straight if needed and not blink an eye.  
Yesterday was spend with Jack, my sweetheart.  Here are a few photos of our day out.  A stop at the local O'Donalds for a (which I was completely surprised) a healthy kid's meal.  The teeniest, tiny serving of french fries, apples, chicken nuggets and skim milk.    Just because we can raise our hands over our head, silly!  A little snippet of the river  more play time on the slide  and a little precious face Being the creative person that I am, I concocted a story about these 7 ducks.  After a long morning swimming down the ri…

Taking on a Project!

About a week ago, I was talking to a co-worker when she told me she was completing an Ali Edward's project that really sparked my interests.  Now, granted, my friend was just completing a project that she started 2 years ago, but nonetheless, the project struck my interests.
It's called Week in a Life 2011.
With your handy camera attached to your side, you record every aspect of your daily life.  
Interesting, yes?
I know, I know, it is a bit like blogging, but perhaps with a more personal, journaling touch.
I realized that in order to do this, I would need a new pocket camera.  Why? you ask!  Well, I learned a valid life lesson and decided that it is not always the best idea to share everything with one beloved grandson.  Granted, he did take some great photos from his vantage point, but the zoom button no longer works and I believe the SD card has been permanently damaged.  No worries!  It was only a 5 MP and purchased at the turn of the century.  Gawd, that sounds ancient!
So, la…

Necessities in Life

When one is a mere 3 years old, mornings can be particularly tough if the morning isn't met with Monkey-Teddy, strawberry milk, cereal and unlimited hugs and kisses from his Mimi..

This Face!

...these faces, cousin Stephanie and Mommy... ...little munchkins... ...being silly with his cousin Danny... ...what happened to just smile?

Things My Mother Does At Her New Digs

One may think that being a senior, living at an exclusive retirement community, that life may be boring, dull, even mundane.
...she attends Joy Ride Mondays where they all load into the bus that takes them on a 2 hour ride around the neighborhood areas ....she plays Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader with actual 5th graders ...she gets reprimanded by the kitchen staff for being the loudest, noisiest table in the dining room (her excuse is that all her friends wear hearing aids and their batteries were low!) ...plays bingo until she drops ...learned a few new card games ...laughs all the time and is just damn happy
Thank you to my sister for being so diligent in assisting Mom to this next phase in her life.  

The Case Of The Missing...

Last summer, I purchased two summery tops, sleeveless, lacy effect on the top.  Loved them both.
In fact, I wore one to a 4th of July / Fred's birthday event at Turner Stadium to watch the Braves play.  You may have remembered that photo.... ...then, a strange thing occurred.... this top was never to be seen again. I asked my hubby, Mr Laundry King.  He claimed he never saw it.   It was than that I proceeded to tear my closet apart, hanger by hanger, looking for the  missing top. Next, I tackled every drawer in my dresser.  I must say, that while this manic mode had its beneficial effects (bags and bags taken to Goodwill),  the top was still not to be found.
2 days ago....
It was quietly laying in the center drawer, right side of my dresser just chuckling to itself  as I exclaimed...
There you are!
After hours of interrogation, the lovely white sleeveless top refused to provide so much of an explanation.
Who cares?  I'm just happy I am wearing my favorite summer top again.
Now, where …

Happy July!

Mom and all her grandchildren and one great grandchild!

A Little Bit of Phlox in Your LIfe

When sleeping aids tend not to work, I revert to the computer.
Lord only knows what I will type. Since looking at those awful photos from Mama, I can't get that poor dog out of my mind Someone, please, post something nice, something fluffy, little kittens or a Grama knitting. I'll take a sunset over the Gulf. Or photos of 5 pairs of painted toes in white sand. A rainbow A leprechaun A boyscout helping an elderly lady crossing the street. Just something very nice.
and my Walmart undies do not have places to put things....just sayin'


If this cheese ball face doesn't make you smile, have ice in your veins!
Pirate Jack turns 3!!!!

Happy June1st!

Some of you may know that I start a new job today.  One could say it is a dream job.  One that would make Oprah proud that I plan on doing something that I thoroughly enjoy and that I consider is worth getting up out of bed in the morning.  
But as human nature has it, after 3 interviews over the past 2 weeks and one very long holiday weekend, somehow, I managed to convince myself that I was not getting this job.  
Yet my sister had, what many sisters have, intuition, foresight and a little bit of ESP, sent me a new pair of shoes and a very pretty bright pink top for my first day of work.  Honestly, I thought she was just being super supportive.  Geri, I love you so much for that!
Giving notice at my current job was a bit like the final scene from An Officer and the Gentleman.   Friends and co-workers hearing that I was giving notice, raised their arms in the air, waving them wildly.  If each one wasn't attached to a  headset, they would have stood up and cheered!
 One friend said to m…

Never Knew This...Never Ever!

Here goes...
Why do women's underwear have a slit in the cotton panel?
If you have ever attended an all ladies party...
and reviewed the merchandise...
one such devise fits inside the panties!
How come I never knew this?
Why did it take my husband of 38 plus years to tell me this?
Have I lead a very sheltered life all these years?
Not that I would walk around all day long with a battery operated "friend"!
Not that there's anything wrong with that...but seriously! my friend said...she wouldn't be able to concentrate at work! dying to hear your comments, Ladies....

I'm Curious

I have been thinking about this post idea for a few days now.  Part of me wonders how I lived 50 some years without knowing this.  The other part of me thinks this could have only been designed by men for women.

Have I peaked anyone's interests?

Signs I'm Getting Old....

Aside from the fact that I just logged into Blogger using my Yahoo email name and couldn't find my trusty ole blog, where do I begin?  Getting old pretty much sucks!

while driving around running errands today, this is the sign I thought I read for a day care..."Nutmeg Young Children"Actually, the sign read "Nurturing Young Children"needing my reading glasses in the shower, grocery store, reading prescriptions, cutting my toe nails, trimming my cats' nails, etc., the past, I've always had a great sense of direction, these days, I get lost in the parking lotafter taking the first of what I refer to as my "old lady falls" when pointing out the first pollen on the cars last month, I am now terrified that the next "old lady fall" is just around the cornerI truly remember gas being $.26 a gallon on base many, many moons agowhen I watch Entertainment Tonight, I pretty much have no idea who the actors they feature are anymoreThe list c…

OK, I am Spilling The Beans

This Tuesday, I have an interview which could potentially be my dream job.  Yes, that's right, an actual dream job.  I wanted it to remain under wraps, but my husband told my daughter, my son, my son in law, my sister and brother in law.  I was uncertain whether I spread the word that it would somehow jinx it or at the very least, totally blow the interview.  Nah, not like that is going to happen.  I have more confidence in this field than anyone else I know.
Part of my defense mechanism is to say right up front that I probably won't get it as I always prepares for the worst and be excited if the opposite develops.
Tonight, I must prepare my samples, my works of art, my projects that I have poured my blood, sweat and tears into.
If my post seems a little off it is probably because I sometimes blog after I've taken my Ambien.  I tend to leave out sometimes important words or entire trains of thought.
I am asking all my 3 or 4 readers to please, send me warm, positive thou…

Happy Mother's Day To You!

May your Mother's Day be filled with lots of sleep, fresh coffee, loving family and a cooking free day!

After The Storm

How funny is this? Our little white Toyota covered in leaves from Friday night's storm.

Some Things Never Get Old...

On what seems to have been our 457th trip to Disney World....  ...I never seem to tire of EPCOT.  The advantage of visiting in March is getting to experience  the EPCOT annual topiary event.  Every year is yet another surprise, as there is never a shortage of imagination.  I was surprised how well my photos turned out considering that it was such a cloudy day.  In an effort to reduce the amount of "stuff" I had to carry, these photos were taken with my handy little Kodak. Ahh...until next year....maybe.

It's a Fact...

In 50% of all photos taken of little ole me.... eyes are sure to be closed!

Ode To Spring

My new blog design is my personal Ode to Spring.

Do you like it?

Happy Birthday to by beautiful niece, Stephanie as she gets one year closer to the big 3 0.  I love, love, love you!

Since this is an Ambien induced post tonight, who knows what I will say.  But I think I found the place where our next home will be.  Although it is in the same town that we live in now, it is about 5 miles from here and has a very New England look to the neighborhood.  The townhouse is off of Mt. Vernon (alas my ode to Thomas Jefferson).  I think I'm in love.

My Journey With Weight Watchers

On January 2, 2011, myself, along with probably several million people, decided to do something about my weight and join Weight Watchers.

I know, you are probably saying it was a New Year's Resolution, but honestly, I tried very hard not to use those words, but rather convince myself that this is changing bad habits into good habits.  And besides, has anyone seen Jennifer Hudson?  I mean, OM Gosh, she is stunning.  She is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.  Eat your heart out Simon Cowell!

By now, I would have expected to have dropped 20 plus pounds, but the new Points Plus program is a slow and steady approach to weight loss.  Yes, I am the scrappy little turtle who goes to meeting every single week.  I'm down 5% of my body weight so far.  A great accomplishment, yes it is!

On my journey, I will post some funny stories, embarrassing moments (really?  did I just say that) and posting pics along with way.

I have a few pieces of clothing in my closet that wil…

Ah, But Once a Sweet Memory

Happy days....
Long gone!

Do You Talk To God?

Do you find yourself talking to God when alone in your car? Or showering? Standing in your closet? Or just sitting outside on the deck, listening to the birds sing?
God do you listen? God to you hear me?
Sometimes I think it takes you a while After I have my little talk with You.
I realize that because there are 8 billion people on this earth and  I have no idea what number I am on your list.
But when I asked you for some good news regarding  my husband's health, you sent me a sign today. A glimmer of hope.

Thanks, God.  
You do listen to me.

What Is Your Wildest & Craziest Dream Come True?

What is the craziest thing you ever dreamed about?   You know, wildest dream kinda thing. If you could twitch your nose like Samantha in Bewitched, and wish for just something crazy. Not winning the lottery. Not somehow get your dream house, but CRAZY!
Here's why I thought of this idea for a blog topic today.
Riding home from work, CD blasting as loud as I could stand it... listening to Kid Rock screamin' out a song.
And then it came to me...
How great would it be to sing backup for Kid Rock!
Slinky little black, low cut dress...killer legs and rock hard calves...
5 inch heels, open toed, of course!
swingin your arms...belting out a song...
dancing to the "beat of our favorite song"
experiencing joy and happiness because you are 
living the dream....
OK, I told you mine...
now you tell me yours!

Memories of January 2011

After attempting to download these photos for weeks, I finally discovered I was using the cord from Jack's Leapfrog game instead of the cord from my Canon camera...yeah, I'm a twit. As you can see, we did get a bit of snow.  I love the set of foot prints in this frame.  No self respecting magnolia tree should ever be subjected to such weather conditions.  I'm just visualizing the magnolia blossoms come July or August.
Unplowed roads for at least a week...somehow, I did manage to make it to work despite the storm.
I am ignoring the weather forecast for Tuesday morning and Wednesday...
I'm tired of winter and cold weather....bring on the blooming daffodils and the luscious tulips.

Little Pieces of Jack

I didn't do anything!  I'm so big! me this book!

Winter...Ba Humbug!

Not only have I decided to blog today, but I have even updated my design.  Hey, I'm feeling a little festive.

Is anyone tired of winter beside just me?  Winter has hit everyone hard this year in all four corners of the USA.  After 2 snow storms, ok, the one on Christmas day was picture perfect so maybe I should just discount that one, but the snow storm of January 10th was more than any Southerner could handle.

I know, my family and friends on the East Coast have had what? 50+ inches of snow so far?  More on the way and more predicted for Atlanta this coming week.

So with all that's a photo we can all relish in...
Lovely blooming pear trees....
 A tiny bit of phlox...
And my favorite of all....hosta...I can almost smell the rich soil...

If you are counting the days to Spring, tell me what you are most excited about Spring's arrival...


I may just blog again....someday...

Wednesday From the Frozen South...

Today is day 3 of the "weather event" that hit the South.  Today, news reports have turned critical of the response of the City of Atlanta and local cities.   Let everyone know that the City of Atlanta reportedly owns 8 snow removal trucks.  Yes, just 8!   Then, mysteriously on Monday, the number jumped to 11!  Imagine what a positive impact the additional 3 trucks had on the mess outside!

Again, I made it to work, this time 2 hours sooner than yesterday.  My ride time was a mere 1.5 hours.  Normal travel time with zero traffic would turn out to be about 15 minutes.  Mother Nature dropped our temps into the teens last night and the roads were expectantly much worse for it.

As I approached my place of employment which is in a very lovely office complex, the street into the complex was blocked by a long string of horses of the construction type.

I said to Fred, just drop me off and I'll walk in.

But you will fall....nah...I'll be OK.

Away he pulls and not 3 minutes lat…

Tuesday from The Frozen South

I went to work today.  Managed to venture out much later than my start time, but when I arrived, it was good to know that management appreciated my efforts with a hot lunch plus abbreviated hours.  The message was clear, they wanted to be sure all of us made it home long before the roads refreeze.

Not all companies care so this sat very well with me.

Aside from that, a little Honda car was speeding north on 400 and thankfully, cleared us when it spun several times around.  This is the problem with snow on the ground in the South.  People don't stop for a minute to think that perhaps, maybe one just can't drive 50 mph after Mother Nature just dropped 6 inches of snow on us.

It's the other guy you always have to watch out for.

Drivin' 55 out!

Reflections of a Snow Day

Aside from feeling guilty about not being at work, not really,  I have been cooking and baking up a storm.   Bread Cakes  Stews Soup
Well, we have company so I am not eating all of this... By the way, this is not where I live but rather a photo of one of our first trips out West in our RV.  
In the distant, a grove of pecan trees... I am about to cuddle up with hubby in front of the fireplace. Its days like this when I realize that I am totally satisfied being safely,  tucked away inside my abode with my husband.  
Family is what is most important in life.
but you know what....
I knew this all along.
Dorothy was right...
There's no place like home.

If This Doesn't Make You Smile...

...nothing will!
I took this last weekend with my phone while dining at our local breakfast  place.  Having never been seated at this table, I had no idea this painting existed.  The overall size is about 3' x 5'.
My only thought was...
what was this artist's inspiration?

Happy New Year to You!

I can still remember the celebration we had in 1999. In some ways, I wish I could wiggle my nose and be right back  at that very moment we were ringing in the new year. So much has changed since then as life really deals  you some cards that are not always that royal flush.
But it call comes down to choices that we make. If I had only done this  or if I had only done that.
Too bad we don't get do overs in life.
Alas, I will place my quandary behind me and look  into the future of this brand new year of 2011.

Here are some of the things I plan on doing this year...
As always, I see how long I can go before I subconsciously write 2010 on a check (but since I don't  write very many checks these day, I'm thinking I will do much better than last year where I made it all the way to January 2, 1010)!
Joining Weight Watchers. Why, you ask?  Because I think WW is the least restrictive of all diets and I just have to have the new points calculator!  Wish me luck!
Having such an adorable subj…