Do You Talk To God?

Do you find yourself talking to God when alone in your car?
Or showering?
Standing in your closet?
Or just sitting outside on the deck, listening to the birds sing?

God do you listen?
God to you hear me?

Sometimes I think it takes you a while
After I have my little talk with You.

I realize that because there are 8 billion people on this earth and 
I have no idea what number I am on your list.

But when I asked you for some good news regarding 
my husband's health, you sent me a sign today.
A glimmer of hope.

Thanks, God.  

You do listen to me.  


Country Girl said…
I talked to Him today. And I felt better.
What is going on?!
Laura~peach~ said…
praying for you and hubby. yes I talk to God and when I listen and even when i dont he answers.
I should talk more...
Nurse Nancy said…
I talk to God continuously. While the signs are subtle...I know he listens to me. Just keeping me sane is a sign that he listens.
Love and prayers to you and your family!
Chatty Crone said…
And you know Debbie - and this is hard to believe and even for me sometimes - even if the answer had not been a good one - God would still be listening to you. We don't know the reasons for his answers sometimes.

Glad your hubby got good news.

And God does listen to everyone -

love sandie
Daryl said…
Here's another interesting collision of events .. I refuse to say coincidence as I do not believe they exist... Lauren says its the Universe and who am I to argue?

The other night as I lay alone in bed, something I am strangely sadly getting used to, I spoke to God. I said to her I know I am not a true believer, I know I only speak to you when things scare me ... I know there are many others who do believe, who worship formally and who I am sure you hear louder clearer than you do me but I need to ask you to hear me ... and help Toonman because he's had more than his share of bad the past 2 months .. and I am right now a lot stronger so lay it on me .. and I do think she listened because he's healing and I've had leg cramps since ...

Glad your man is on the mend! xo

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