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A Little Bit of Phlox in Your LIfe

When sleeping aids tend not to work, I revert to the computer.
Lord only knows what I will type. Since looking at those awful photos from Mama, I can't get that poor dog out of my mind Someone, please, post something nice, something fluffy, little kittens or a Grama knitting. I'll take a sunset over the Gulf. Or photos of 5 pairs of painted toes in white sand. A rainbow A leprechaun A boyscout helping an elderly lady crossing the street. Just something very nice.
and my Walmart undies do not have places to put things....just sayin'


If this cheese ball face doesn't make you smile, have ice in your veins!
Pirate Jack turns 3!!!!

Happy June1st!

Some of you may know that I start a new job today.  One could say it is a dream job.  One that would make Oprah proud that I plan on doing something that I thoroughly enjoy and that I consider is worth getting up out of bed in the morning.  
But as human nature has it, after 3 interviews over the past 2 weeks and one very long holiday weekend, somehow, I managed to convince myself that I was not getting this job.  
Yet my sister had, what many sisters have, intuition, foresight and a little bit of ESP, sent me a new pair of shoes and a very pretty bright pink top for my first day of work.  Honestly, I thought she was just being super supportive.  Geri, I love you so much for that!
Giving notice at my current job was a bit like the final scene from An Officer and the Gentleman.   Friends and co-workers hearing that I was giving notice, raised their arms in the air, waving them wildly.  If each one wasn't attached to a  headset, they would have stood up and cheered!
 One friend said to m…