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Never Knew This...Never Ever!

Here goes...
Why do women's underwear have a slit in the cotton panel?
If you have ever attended an all ladies party...
and reviewed the merchandise...
one such devise fits inside the panties!
How come I never knew this?
Why did it take my husband of 38 plus years to tell me this?
Have I lead a very sheltered life all these years?
Not that I would walk around all day long with a battery operated "friend"!
Not that there's anything wrong with that...but seriously! my friend said...she wouldn't be able to concentrate at work! dying to hear your comments, Ladies....

I'm Curious

I have been thinking about this post idea for a few days now.  Part of me wonders how I lived 50 some years without knowing this.  The other part of me thinks this could have only been designed by men for women.

Have I peaked anyone's interests?

Signs I'm Getting Old....

Aside from the fact that I just logged into Blogger using my Yahoo email name and couldn't find my trusty ole blog, where do I begin?  Getting old pretty much sucks!

while driving around running errands today, this is the sign I thought I read for a day care..."Nutmeg Young Children"Actually, the sign read "Nurturing Young Children"needing my reading glasses in the shower, grocery store, reading prescriptions, cutting my toe nails, trimming my cats' nails, etc., the past, I've always had a great sense of direction, these days, I get lost in the parking lotafter taking the first of what I refer to as my "old lady falls" when pointing out the first pollen on the cars last month, I am now terrified that the next "old lady fall" is just around the cornerI truly remember gas being $.26 a gallon on base many, many moons agowhen I watch Entertainment Tonight, I pretty much have no idea who the actors they feature are anymoreThe list c…

OK, I am Spilling The Beans

This Tuesday, I have an interview which could potentially be my dream job.  Yes, that's right, an actual dream job.  I wanted it to remain under wraps, but my husband told my daughter, my son, my son in law, my sister and brother in law.  I was uncertain whether I spread the word that it would somehow jinx it or at the very least, totally blow the interview.  Nah, not like that is going to happen.  I have more confidence in this field than anyone else I know.
Part of my defense mechanism is to say right up front that I probably won't get it as I always prepares for the worst and be excited if the opposite develops.
Tonight, I must prepare my samples, my works of art, my projects that I have poured my blood, sweat and tears into.
If my post seems a little off it is probably because I sometimes blog after I've taken my Ambien.  I tend to leave out sometimes important words or entire trains of thought.
I am asking all my 3 or 4 readers to please, send me warm, positive thou…

Happy Mother's Day To You!

May your Mother's Day be filled with lots of sleep, fresh coffee, loving family and a cooking free day!