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Things That Make Me Mad....The Toilet Paper Edition

Don't ya just hate it when someone in your household, who will remain nameless, purchases the wrong kind of toilet paper?  I'm sorry, but I have a particular kind that I like and not for the obvious softness or flaking issues, but for no other reason other than longevity.  I just absolutely hate it when you must replace the roll several times a week.  It's really all about time savings, after all!

Have you ever been to someone's house, you know, the great big 4,000 square foot homes and excuse yourself to use their powder room only to find single sheets?

And what is this all about?  The last two times I visited my mom and used her bathroom, I found a new roll of tissue sitting on top of the spent roll!  This is the same woman who hounded me "...a place for everything and everything in its place...".  Both times, I just replaced the roll, threw out the old cardboard and never said a thing.

It is mind boggling.

My Teresa Collins card creation

Sometimes, paper is just paper. And when you work in a crafting store, you see a lot of paper. But when the new Teresa Collins line "Every day Moments" and "Fabrications" arrives and you go absolutely crazy for every sheet of paper and all embellishments!

Here is a card I made for my mother's 79th birthday. Mom hangs my cards up on her wall just like when I was 5 ...wait a minute...I wonder if she really likes it!