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Wordless Wednesday


The Day We Broke The Universe of Energy Ride at EPCOT

How is this possible you ask?
Break a ride at EPCOT?
We managed to do it and believe me, it was so very necessary. This photo shows Jack wondering.
Wow, I love it here in Mexico!
The twinkling sky and the water ride is just great!
But within one hour, this little guy scared the crap out of all of us.
As we wandered back towards the Universe of Energy ride, Jack was showing signs of running a fever.
He wanted nothing to do with the chewable Tylenol so our plans were to get him some liquid after the ride.
As we boarded our vehicle to take us back into the time of dinosaurs, Grampa was holding Jack on his lap.
I looked over at them and Jack's little eyes were rolling around.
Just as the cast member announced that once the ride started, we would be on board for 37 minutes, Jack began convulsing.
We passed Jack over to his Dad. Lights went out.
We were about to move.
Oh crap.
I found that our door opened and we all exited and quickly ran to the back of the theater.
Erika found her cell phone and used i…

Disney Vacation and So Much More to Come

Disney. Family. Grand Boy. Fun. What could possibly go wrong, you ask? Jack was loving his one on one time with Goofy, Mom and Dad. He didn't shiver when he rode Haunted Mansion. Here we all are on day one to rack up miles on our sneakers. Jack even improved his photography skills at our favorite Chicago style pizza hangout! Who knew by looking at this sweet face that he would end up in the ER just 4 nights later.

Visual Sensory Overload

there's just too much for a little guy to digest... having fun...wish you were here!

Here's A Look At My Handy Work

Over the last 6 weeks, I have created about 8 different mock ups for the bride who every so graciously decided to hire me to hand create her bridal invitations for her autumn wedding. I was thrilled. I was so honored. Truth be known, I was terrified! That soon passed after 4 trips to the big box store, Archivers. I even took a class for some helpful hints, but honestly, I didn't learn anything other than you will pay a premium price on 5 x 5 envelopes and the other very important thing was that they offer printing templates on their web site. Thank you for that!
This design is a very trendy tri fold pocket invitation. We incorporated the colors from the wedding so the invitations will make a statement about the wedding. The pocket design allows the bride to include just about anything on the three cards in the pocket. RSVP, of course. This can be mailed just like a postcard. Event Plans, Directions, Accommodations, etc be used to provide the guests with other very useful information. Not…

It's Friday and ...

Today is Friday, the official end to the work week, although for the non working folks like me, it just means my week of caring for my Jack ends. The moment he walks out of the door and says "Bye, MiMi", my heart saddens ever so slightly.

Today, having a $20 coupon to Chili's, we decided lunch would be on them. Now I remember why we received the $20 in coupons was because the food was dreadful from our last visit. Sorry to report that today's venture was not any surprises as the same dismal food was served. Note to self, do no go back to Chili's every again.
Grandpa or as Jack now calls him "Pops" (a very sweet name and tribute to a very sweet man that was very close to our family who has since pasted), and Jack were outside letting run off a little steam while I paid the bill. Jack was hiding behind a tree, you know the kind of tree that is all of 3 inches wide, but none the less, Jack was hiding from me. When he say me, I heard the sweetest words f…

Checkin' In

Hard for me to believe that is has been almost a week since my last post. As I sit here shaking my head, I wonder where has the time gone to?
Hubby finished his last day, we hope, of his infusion therapy. For those that never heard this term before, I was one of them, it is daily doses of IV antibiotics delivered in the doctor's office. Loving hubby was diagnosed with MRSA, although we did not learn this until today. MRSA is a nasty, ultra resistant staph infection caused by who knows what. MRSA is everywhere. How people contract this is quite the puzzlement to all infections disease doctors. As of today, my hubby is on the mend, slowly getting his appetite back. Cross fingers that this is finally gone. Gone I say! Be gone!
My dear mother in law was finally placed in a local nursing home. It was a sad conclusion but by all means the right decision. Over the course of the past several months, her Alzheimer's over took her mind. Invaded her very being. It is such a vicio…

Wishing and Hoping

Perhaps with all the rain we are having today and the next 4 days... we will soon see the blossoms on the trees. Cannot wait!

Do I Have My Groove Back?

Am I back on a blogging roll? Maybe... I've learned that when I have my camera in hand I tend to have gobs of inspiration. So thank you Canon for giving me my proverbial kick in the pants...

Monday Morning

Gosh, I need window treatments!

Odd Couple

The ultimate odd couple... Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. Neil Simon wrote a delightful Broadway play that was developed into a successful tv show. Odd Couples some in all shapes and sizes. I caught Grace, in the front, snuggling with her nemesis, Will. I swear Grace never forgave us for bringing Will into our family. Both were strays that hit pay dirt by finding their way to our home. Perhaps Grace is getting old and decided to forgive and forget. I kinda think her feelings are.... "any port in a storm" when it is cold outside. Either way, I now have proof that she just may like him a little bit.

Saturday In The Park

Look at him run with glee... Check out his concentration... Saturday in the Park....
You think it was the 4th of July!

On Strike

For whatever reason, blogging is the furtherest thing from my mind these days. I have been reading your blogs, just not always commenting. I'm not sure what is wrong with me, but I could spend all day in my bed and be very happy. However, between the MIL and my Grand Boy and my ill husband, life has other plans for me.
So until then, I am On Strike!
Going to make up some signs now.

It Is Tuesday and This is What is on My Mind

I am confused. No, befuddled. Astonished even. It is sleeting outside to my amazement. The reasonable weatherman predicts 2 - 3 inches of snow. I'm not even going to guess what the outlandish weatherman is predicting. Who is the outlandish weatherman? Can you say WSB?
My husband and I both watched The Bachelor last night. Even though I read the blogs that predicted Jake would pick Vienna, I was hoping he wouldn't, but he did. This relationship will not last. I give them 3 months, tops!
Weather Alert! Snow. Again! Really? Will we surpass the amount received just last month?
I just may bake some cinnamon raisin bread today.
When you type, do you often spell "fo" when you mean to type "of"? I do this frequently. Does this mean my fingers are dyslexic?
Will you miss receiving Saturday mail? Will you be affected? Do any of us really care? In my opinion, the USPS should have planned on the decline in business years ago when the internet was born. For example, ATT quickly modified their …

I Have A Name

Yesterday, this little guy thought it was time to finally come up with a name for me. It is a name that I will enjoy being called.. One that is sophisticated yet funny. Loving and rare Unique but not so unusual One that I will spring to my feet when I hear it being said. Are you ready? Can you guess? It does not begin with a "g". It is not the Dutch version of Grandma. Not the Polish version either (thank goodness). OK Here Goes ... ... ... Mimi!
Ta Da!!!
Mimi out!