Monday, March 1, 2010

I Have A Name

this little guy thought it was time
to finally come up with a name for me.
It is a name that I will enjoy being called..
One that is sophisticated yet funny.
Loving and rare
Unique but not so unusual
One that I will spring to my feet when I hear it being said.
Are you ready?
Can you guess?
It does not begin with a "g".
It is not the Dutch version of Grandma.
Not the Polish version either (thank goodness).

Ta Da!!!

Mimi out!


Daryl said...

Oh sweet ... my friend is a Nona .. and another is a Totie .. I think Mimi is just perfect!

Maria said...

Oh I love that, one of my favorite names for grandmothers, although my #1 favorite will be the one my grandchildren call me someday.

Tammy said...

Awwww, Mimi is perfect!

Mental P Mama said...


DesertHen said...

That is so sweet! Love it! =)

Country Girl said...

Oh, I really do like that one, Deb!

jojo said...

it suits you! love it..;p

Joyce said...

Perfect! Isn't it all so much fun to be with them no matter what they call us? I wanted to be called Grand Diva but that did not go over well:)

Grandma J said...

I love it! Jack has class.

Nurse Nancy said...

Love it! One of my dearst friends is a Mimi too! My Mom is Nonnie.

Amanda Barreto said...

Oh sweet ... your blog is amazing!!!!
I'm following you, ok?!

Have a nice day!