Here's A Look At My Handy Work

Over the last 6 weeks, I have created about 8 different mock ups for the bride who every so graciously decided to hire me to hand create her bridal invitations for her autumn wedding.
I was thrilled. I was so honored. Truth be known, I was terrified!
That soon passed after 4 trips to the big box store, Archivers.
I even took a class for some helpful hints, but honestly, I didn't learn anything other than
you will pay a premium price on 5 x 5 envelopes and the other very important thing
was that they offer printing templates on their web site.
Thank you for that!

This design is a very trendy tri fold pocket invitation. We incorporated
the colors from the wedding so the invitations will make a statement
about the wedding.
The pocket design allows the bride to include just about anything on the three
cards in the pocket. RSVP, of course. This can be mailed just like a postcard.
Event Plans, Directions, Accommodations, etc be used to provide the guests
with other very useful information.
Note the tiny crystals that embellish the pocket. We plan on using them
also on the pocket cards.
So, what do you think?
Be kind!
I don't want to cry!!!


Catsngrams said…
Wow that is really wonderful. I love the pocket idea. Such talent.
You could insert a picture to the special people that you send out to.

Great idea
Maria said…
I think it's beautiful and your talent astounds me
Joyce said…
Very nice and these are very popular in CA for weddings with all the pockets.
Country Girl said…
I think it's elegant, Deb and the subtle addition of the three crystals is perfect.
jojo said…
You are incredibly talented...where were you a few years ago when my girl got married!! These are beautiful and I love the design, the pocket will come in handy for oh so many things...great job..;p
Chatty Crone said…
Deb, I didn't know you made invitations like that. They are really trendy, taylored, very classy looking. Like the pocket idea too. Great work.

Nurse Nancy said…
Very elegant. I love it.
Mental P Mama said…
I think it is fabulous! And the invitation always sets the tone for the whole event! If I got that in the mail, I'd be thinking about what to wear already!!!
Jo said…
I think it's absolutely wonderful. I love the three little gemstones.

Good job!
Daryl said…
Classy ... and fun .. important elements in my opinion for a good party.......and that invite says both.
Diane said…
It's classy. And you're very talented!

Great job, Deb!
Jann said…
Wow, such beautiful work, honest! Very very professional looking and very impressive! Well done!!
GardenofDaisies said…
WOW! All the details!

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