It Is Tuesday and This is What is on My Mind

I am confused.
No, befuddled.
Astonished even.
It is sleeting outside to my amazement.
The reasonable weatherman predicts 2 - 3 inches of snow.
I'm not even going to guess what the outlandish weatherman is predicting.
Who is the outlandish weatherman?
Can you say WSB?

My husband and I both watched The Bachelor last night.
Even though I read the blogs that predicted Jake would pick Vienna,
I was hoping he wouldn't, but he did.
This relationship will not last.
I give them 3 months, tops!

Weather Alert!
Will we surpass the amount received just last month?

I just may bake some cinnamon raisin bread today.

When you type, do you often spell "fo" when you mean to type "of"?
I do this frequently.
Does this mean my fingers are dyslexic?

Will you miss receiving Saturday mail?
Will you be affected?
Do any of us really care?
In my opinion, the USPS should have planned on
the decline in business years ago when
the internet was born.
For example, ATT quickly modified
their business plan to include wireless options
when the pay phone became a relic.
Wake up USPS.

Mimi out!


Maria said…
Yes I often type fo, I think one hand thinks faster than the other, no I'm not going to miss Sat. mail unless I'm expecting something special that didn't make it by Friday, no please I don't want any snow, so far just more flooding rain and lastly I love Mimi out
Chatty Crone said…
I'm with you - the Bachelor - such a cutie - and Vienna isn't bad - but he should have picked Alley - oh well - he has things to learn.

And what about this snow?

And yes I would miss the mail on Saturday -

Did you make the rolls? YUM
Tammy said…
I just heard about Saturday mail being discontinued, yes I will miss it! Sorry about the weather... We continue to have beautiful weather here, the problem with that is now they say we will have drought conditions this summer. It's always something!
Jann said…
I love that, and your post! Way to go Mimi! :-D
Daryl said…
HOW did I miss this post?

I 'watched' a few minutes of the Bachelor and seriously what a stupid show ...

I wont miss Saturday delivery ...

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