The Day We Broke The Universe of Energy Ride at EPCOT

How is this possible you ask?

Break a ride at EPCOT?

We managed to do it and believe me, it was so very necessary.
This photo shows Jack wondering.

Wow, I love it here in Mexico!

The twinkling sky and the water ride is just great!

But within one hour, this little
guy scared the crap out of all of us.

As we wandered back towards the Universe of Energy ride,
Jack was showing signs of running a fever.

He wanted nothing to do with the chewable Tylenol
so our plans were to get him some liquid after the ride.

As we boarded our vehicle to take us back into the time
of dinosaurs, Grampa was holding Jack on his lap.

I looked over at them and Jack's little eyes were rolling around.

Just as the cast member announced that once the ride started,
we would be on board for 37 minutes,
Jack began convulsing.

We passed Jack over to his Dad.
Lights went out.

We were about to move.

Oh crap.

I found that our door opened and we all exited and quickly
ran to the back of the theater.

Erika found her cell phone and used it as a flash light
to gain some one's attention.

The motion began and all of the seating began to leave.
Fred began looking for an exit.

All I can hear is the roaring of the dinosaurs and I honestly thought that we
may show up in the back of some exhibit if we didn't find the right door.

Finally, the cast member used his flash light to see what the heck we were all doing.

The lighting came and we all ran as fast as we could to the exit.

I found a cast member outside and asked for an EMT.

Honestly, to me, it seemed like it was 30 minutes before anyone else showed up.

However, Fred told me it was within minutes that the EMT's were attending to Jack.

EPCOT immediately presented us with at least 5 handlers to tend to all of our needs.

Jack and his parents were swept off to the ambulance and
the very understanding handlers managed to get the grandparents calmed
down and directed to the car.

Thank You Disney Staff.

As we drove off to the hospital, many things swept through my mind.
I recalled one comment that just made my blood boil.

The cast member inside the Universe of Energy walked out during all of this
commotion and I over heard him tell the other employee...

They broke the ride. I had to remove all of the guests from the ride.

Luckily, the other cast member said that we had a medical emergency and needed to exit as fast as possible.

Good thing he set him straight because I wanted to slap the snot out of him.

All in all, Jack and his family spent 6 - 7 hours in the ER where a bevy of tests were run
to find that Jack had strep throat.

My SIL's entire male family suffers from seizures so although this episode could have been
triggered from the strep and the high fever, Jack will be tested for febrile seizures this week.

Since I am a firm believer in prayer, please offer one or two up for Jack's health and well being.


Mental P Mama said…
Just so thankful they were able to get to him so fast. And, no, my nephew doesn't take anything regularly, but he was watched like a hawk for years after that. A headcold would be reason to go to the doc. He seems to have outgrown it now. I'll be thinking of you all...
Maria said…
You got it Deb and sending my love that you'll hear nothing but good news from the test.
Country Girl said…
Oh, Deb you and your family are in my prayers. I hope all is well.
Chatty Crone said…
You all will be in my prayers too! That is so scary. I'm glad he got help so quickly and that he's okay. ♥sandie
Joyce said…
I would have wanted to slap the person who said you broke the ride too! Glad it worked out and was just the throat.
Nurse Nancy said…
Scary and blessed. I am so glad that all went well but I know it must have seemed like forever before everything came together. Glad Jack is better. Those febrile seizures are so scary!
TSannie said…
Prayers you have, my friend - more importantly Jack has. I can't imagine having to endure that - so very glad it had the good ending!
Diane said…
Poor little farmer. Hope you are all on the mend!

Sending healing thoughts your way!
Daryl said…
Keeping everyone in my thoughts ... (((Deb)))

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