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Foot Loose & Fancy Free

Today, I am preparing for our 5 hours of "respite". My husband and I have a caregiver come into take care of his mom. Our little grandson is with his parents today so we are foot loose and fancy free! Notice how people don't say that much anymore. Guess it is not a "foot loose and fancy free" kind of world anymore.
I have promised myself to get back into blogging on a regular basis. Blogging is a therapeutic avenue and besides, I love the connection I have with so many of you.

Life Gets In The Way…

Blogging? What’s that? I feel as though I am starting all over again. Truth is, I have been busy living my life (as pathetic as that might be)! My life is not very exciting, but it is full of beautiful weather, a grandson who has learned to walk, and the remnants of my birthday week.Spring in Georgia couldn’t be more beautiful. The trees are fully blossomed, providing huge canopies of shade. The azaleas are glorious. Words do not properly describe the abundance of bold color. And the pollen that is produced by all of this blossoming vegetation, well, is enough to kill a person. All I can say to that is thank goodness for Allegra as it keeps me out of the doctor’s office.My little Jack. What words can describe this tiny human being? He is also blossoming into a funny personality. His face explodes in smile. A smile so wide that it covers his entire face from ear to ear. His eyes are almost closed shut because his smile needs all the room on his face. I might add that Grand Mom (that’s …

Are You Kiddin’ Me?

I think we can all agree... I have experienced each and every one of these at least 143 times a day! Now tell me, who else out there can attest to these symptoms?I seemed to have fixed the problem with the photo!

More and More and More

It's true. I have been very, very, very lax when it comes to blogging. It's not like I don't have volumes to blog about because I do. the problem is lack of time.
There is more Tyler stuff. More birthday surprises. More of my baby Jack. More of springtime in Atlanta. More of just about everything. However, not more time.

Later Blogging Friends...later!

I'm Just Too Busy!

It is spring and I 'm not feeling the blogging very much. Having too much fun doing other outside things.
But, for fun, why not check out this blog for a free give a way. We all love give a ways! Right?

Forgive me for enjoying the lovely outdoors...hope you are doing the same!

I'm A Sucker

It's true...
I'm a sucker for this little guy!

Channeling Mr. Roberts

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…A beautiful day for a  neighbor…Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...(why in the world am I channeling Fred Roberts?)  Go, Georgia Bulldogs!I just loved this sign.  The Blacksmith Shop is not a blacksmith, but rather a gift shop.Isn’t this picturesque?It was a beautiful day for a camera shoot…A beautiful day for photos…Take me along…Take me along…Won’t you take the camera along?

Feeling Spent

Feeling rather lethargic today.
Two cups of coffee is just not doing it for me. Wondering if I have Spring fever? Is there a cure? How do I jump start my day?

Tyler Florence Made Me Breakfast!

Yes, it is true!  Tyler Florence from Food Network made me blueberry pancakes, maple sugar pepper bacon and caramelized bananas.  How did this happen, you say?  In short, my children gave me tickets to The Metropolitan Cooking Show in Atlanta as a birthday present.  Being a diehard Tyler Florence fanatic, I opted for the special show to gaze upon my favorite celebrity chef.  Not being a shy gal, I ran up to the mike to ask my very probing question.  “What is the secret of making risotto?”Here I am on the big screen asking my question to Tyler Florence. My question monopolized a good portion of the Q & A time.  Sorry, Tyler.  But I just had to know!As Tyler began to plate up his creation, he called to me over the loud speaker! Yes, me.  He called ME!  Running up to the stage, he handed me this wonderful plate and wished me a very happy birthday.  Sorry for the blurry photo, but we were shooting without the flash.  My daughter learned that a steady hand is most important on obtainin…

Spring and Other Nonsense

I am enjoying the onset of Spring so much!  Springs in Atlanta are always fantastic, but this year Spring is just fetching.  Yes, fetching!  It is not uncommon for a hard freeze to hit and kill the blooming trees, but by the Grace of God, we have not suffered the cold, freezing nights.  As winter wanes and spring blossoms, I love to watch the changing patterns of the sun.  Sun rise and sun sets move in a westernly pattern across the skies.  Strangely, I long for the long shadows of fall.  I cannot explain how those long shadows just captivate me.  That’s it.  I just wanted to share my love of the many, many blossoming trees here in Atlanta and the fact that I have to squint to keep the sun out of my eyes as I write my blog for tomorrow.Psstt…tomorrow, I have a date with my favorite celebrity chef, Tyler Florence.  Yes, he is coming to Atlanta and he’s all mine!  You better believe that there will be photos…lots of photos!!

Eggplant…My Nemesis

I need ideas on how to cook this big, beautiful purple eggplant.

Gather Your Lambs

One more post about Easter and then Easter will be put to bed until next year.  Easter was always a fun time of year growing up.  I would wait by the phone the week of spring break for the call.  The Call.  Grama would call her second youngest child to request my help.  My help!  My Grama had 17 grandchildren but I knew in my heart that I was her favorite, honestly, Gram could ask anyone but she asked ME.When the call finally came in, I was ready to leap into action.  When?  When does she need me?  Saturday?  OK, I’m there.  I am there!Entering my grandmother’s kitchen was like nothing else in my life.  The kitchen was so friendly.  I remember the red and white chairs and the Formica table with its metal legs.  Very vintage 1950’s.  (Just in case you are trying to do the math, my story takes place somewhere in the mid 1960’s)  White metal, spankingly clean cabinets.  A vintage gas range that had the little side door for storage.  And plants.  There were always lots of plants in my Gra…

A Distraction

We have a new game, my grandbaby and me.It’s hide behind the ladder chair. Jack on one side.Grand Mom on the other.Let the games begin.I see you Grand Mom!Usually, at this point, I chase Jack around the chair.He squeals! He screams!He giggles! Did I say he drools?He drools.But wait…There is a distraction.Grand Mom has something that I may need.It is dangling.It’s round.Let me get closer.Did I say he drools?Reaching…Reaching…Getting closer…(this child is about 3 minutes away from walking and needless to say…falling down a lot…note the bruises)Ahh…got it!Slurp!Grand Mom, take note.Do not take pictures of me while playing the chase me game!

You Had Me At The Cover…

As of late, I have made every attempt to read a broader base of literature.  I dusted off my Shakespeare and reread several classics.I plan on making a trip to our local library so that I can obtain a range of books on Henry VIII.  Yes, I have so many questions regarding the ole boy.  But when it comes to  my favorite reads of all times….It is Nora Roberts.  I know, she’s just one step up from the Harlequins but I cannot help myself.  So, on April 28th, I will be at the bookstore getting her latest release.Isn’t this cover intriguing?  And the best thing is…this is a series.  Hello, Nora, you had me at the cover!

Creativity At Its Best

So how was your Easter?  Mine was Peep-tacular!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
Welcome Spring!

A Special Bond

Let nothing get between a Grandfather and his Grandson.  These two are bonded in ways I cannot describe.  When Grampa is around, Grama is chopped liver!  Really.  You can see by this collection of photos taken on one of our Respite Thursday.Jack and his first set of crayons at a restaurant.Now how do I do this again, Grampa?May I have a sip of your soda, Grampa?Slurp!The bubbles tickle!!!!

I Got Mail, Too

My husband went to get the mail while I sat in the car.  I was too tired after a long day of shopping.  Lo and behold, he pulled out a manila envelope and I knew that package contained my little gift from Daryl from On The M104.One thing I have come to realize, blogger friends are true friends.  OK, so we don’t necessarily see one another, but we know about their lives, their passions, outside the World of Blogging.  And here is just one example of how nice bloggers really are.  Daryl sent me these gorgeous cards in which displays her passion, photography.  I can’t say which one is my favorite, though, because each is clearly spectacular in its own right.  The lone spring branch is sweet.  Tulips?  Well, tulips have a warm spot in my heart.  And look at that lonely park bench with  the surprise row of flowers behind it.The cherub is so strong, yet I feel protected just gazing at it.  And the park scene, well, trees really are so majestic in Mother Nature.  And lastly, the bloom of flo…

Not Soon Enough

I always mark my calendar when this day occurs!It will be here before I know it.What’s your “can’t live without – gotta have it” passion in life??

So Big

My adorable grandson spent the night with us while my daughter and SIL celebrated their 2nd anniversary yesterday.  Ironically, it was just as cold as it was two years ago and yes, it snowed in Atlanta most of the day.  Hmm…yet there was no panic, school closings or mad rush to the grocery store.  Sorry, I digress!After having a 10 month old for 27 hours straight, I have one comment to make.There’s a reason why you have children when you are young!  Old people do not have the stamina as the youngsters do.  (how does Nancy Grace do it with her twins at her age, I'll never know)  The little guy is teething so I am aware that is a major contributor, however, I just want to believe that he missed me from 1:30 to 2:30 a.m. and wanted to spend quality time with his Grama.  And 4:30 to 5:00 a.m.  At 6:30 a.m. this morning, he wanted to have a serious talk about his upcoming birthday celebration.  Luckily, I turned over my responsibilities to his Grampa at 7:00 a.m. and dove back in bed a…

Let’s Find Hope

There are days that whiz by so fast that it makes your head spin.  It seems like it was only yesterday we celebrated the new millennium.  Gosh, that was 9 years ago!  I remember exactly what we were doing that night.  Lots of friends and family over.  Good times.  Good food.  So much concern over computers, banking and finances.  Luckily, no problem recorded, but I did have my gallons of water tucked away and manual copies of all important documents.  Can you say paranoid?  However, much changed in that time both privately and publicly for our Nation.  As much as I don’t want my blog to be a place of story telling of life altering events in an effort to gain public support, I just have to say that I know I am not alone in dealing with adversary as many Americans are struggling.  Not that I am gaining any pleasure in that, mind you.  These are different times we live in today.  Times will get better.  We will rebound, become stronger and independent once again.I remember the day I took…

Yes, I Love Fish Tacos

Nothing says tacos to me than a really good fish taco.  Nothing says good food more than a Tyler Florence recipe!After viewing Tyler’s fish taco menu on his very famous Tyler’s Ultimate, we immediately recorded the show and ran to the computer to print the recipes.For the very first time, we (my husband) made our own tortilla chips.Surprisingly, it was very simple and definitely tasty.The first photo is Tomatillo Salsa made with tomatillos, an onion, garlic, lime juice, jalapeño and cilantro.  The second photo is Mango Radish Salsa.  Yum!  It is fabulous.  My favorite is the third photo, Chili Mayonnaise, a fine accompaniment with the fish.Be sure to click here on this link to get the recipe.  Best Fish Tacos and Great SalsasandChips and Tomatillo SalsaThis is a five star menu!!!  For some reason, I really struggled with the arrangement of the photos in this post and almost tossed the entire post!

Saturday in Recap

Having missed the fields of sunflowers last summer by my mere procrastination, I took the time to stop, smell and photograph this beautiful tulip bed at my daughter’s.Nothing says spring like a bold bed of tulips with contrasting purple violets.After these photo opt, it was on to our card class.Here we are in our classroom ready to bring it on!  (my hair has not been this dark since 1968! Ewww…)And just for the sake of blogging this experience, a photo of our project.Here was the lovely ladies that sat with us to create wonderful cards.  Lara on the left and Lynn on the right.Asking their permission to publish their photo, we got to talk about blogs and such.Lynn works at a bakery supply store.  She commented how suddenly they were getting all kinds of special orders for very specific items from women everywhere.These orders were prompted by a specific blog these ladies where reading…you guessed it and so did I….Bakerella!  It is a small blogging world!  Erika looked thrilled as I too…

Being Crafty

Today, my daughter and I are off to have fun at Archivers.  I scheduled a card making class for us.  Later, my friends!!!