I Got Mail, Too

My husband went to get the mail while I sat in the car.  I was too tired after a long day of shopping.  Lo and behold, he pulled out a manila envelope and I knew that package contained my little gift from Daryl from On The M104.

One thing I have come to realize, blogger friends are true friends.  OK, so we don’t necessarily see one another, but we know about their lives, their passions, outside the World of Blogging.  And here is just one example of how nice bloggers really are.  Daryl sent me these gorgeous cards in which displays her passion, photography. 


I can’t say which one is my favorite, though, because each is clearly spectacular in its own right.  The lone spring branch is sweet.  Tulips?  Well, tulips have a warm spot in my heart.  And look at that lonely park bench with  the surprise row of flowers behind it.


The cherub is so strong, yet I feel protected just gazing at it.  And the park scene, well, trees really are so majestic in Mother Nature.  And lastly, the bloom of flowers in what seems to be growing up from difficult surroundings. 


All I can say is trading is a lot of fun.  I am game to try again.  Just let me know!


Thanks a million, Daryl!


shara said…
How beautiful! What a nice surprise. I usually avoid the mail... don't usually get anything that nice! Yea for your mail, and friends!!
Mental P Mama said…
I think you BOTH made out!
Daryl said…
Oh we did. And how pretty you made my cards look. Thank you. xox
Sue said…
Isn't Daryl's photography fabulous...I look forward everyday to check in and see what great shot she has taken in the city...and You sent her beautiful cards...two very talented ladies...so happy I know you both...Have A Happy Easter...Sue.
Country Girl said…
Sharing is a good thing. I saw Daryl's blog and loved what you sent her!
imom said…
Don't you just love getting great mail like that?! You both made out in that card trade. Daryl photography is wonderful and the cards you made are beautiful!

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