Gibberish…Just Plain Gibberish

Gibberish…here’s what is on my mind today.

  • I cannot believe tonight is the last episode of ER…you can bet I will be watching.
  • What NFL team would ever hire Michael Vick after his total disregard for life? 
  • After so much response regarding highlighting my own hair, I chickened out.
  • When it comes to Easter, I hate to color the eggs.  Probably because I dislike eggs so much.
  • It’s almost time to plant the porch flowers and I’m thinking inpatients for the front door.
  • Sometimes, you just have to let it go and move on.
  • I pray, a lot, to be a kinder person   
  • With my mom and sister up in New Jersey, I am missing them terribly.  Terribly.  They fill a void.
  • Rocking Jack while he watches Paz the Penguin is the most peaceful time of the day.
  • After 36 years of marriage, I would marry this guy all over again!


Isn’t this the perfect spot for finding tranquility, solace and peace.  It was taken last July near my sister’s house.

Look within to find your own solace today and find your happiness.


Maria said…
love this, I want to climb across the downed log or wade barefoot through the water.
Mental P Mama said…
That, my dear, is some good gibberish. I hope you get to see your sister and your mom soon....
Jeannelle said…
Oh, what a lovely, peaceful scene in the photo. I hope, too, that you will be able to see your mom and sister soon, and perhaps visit this beautiful spot again.

I hope to watch ER tonight, too, even though I haven't paid much attention to it for several years.
Country Girl said…
Sometimes, I just don't know what to say. But I was here and I am listening. And if I could, I'd sit right in this spot and have this nice view of the water. Lovely.
TSannie said…
Lovely thoughts. You have me beat by 5 years (anniversary years, that is).
Daryl said…
I am jealous of MPM's adorable box o'cards ..

The header is wonderful, I am still looking for the 'right' new header pic too ...

We have ER recorded ... its going to be a sad and confusing watch for us we havent watched it in ages ...
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you did the smart thing on your hair. I've seen some people that wished they had made a similar decision!

I've never watched ER.

Michael Vick is the author of his own misery. But there's probably someone (like Denver) that needs a quarterback and will take the risk. Part of me thinks he should have been barred from the league and the rest of me thinks he's already pretty much lost everything including his reputation. But when I look at the Brute Squad, I just can't fathom his thought processes.
imom said…
Love the new header picture. Love the photo in your post, it is a very tranquil scene. Lovely gibberish too.

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