A Distraction

We have a new game, my grandbaby and me.

It’s hide behind the ladder chair.

Jack on one side.

Grand Mom on the other.


Let the games begin. 


I see you Grand Mom!

Usually, at this point, I chase Jack around the chair.

He squeals!

He screams!

He giggles!

Did I say he drools?

He drools.


But wait…

There is a distraction.

Grand Mom has something that I may need.


It is dangling.

It’s round.

Let me get closer.

Did I say he drools?




Getting closer…

(this child is about 3 minutes away from walking and needless to say…falling down a lot…

note the bruises)


Ahh…got it!


Grand Mom, take note.

Do not take pictures of me while playing the chase me game!


imom said…
I've had my baby fix for the day!! He is so adorable!
Anonymous said…
Jack is adorable! Bruises and all!
Country Girl said…
What wonderful memories this post brings back to me, Deb, of my eldest son at this age. He began walking at 9 mos. and boy, did he ever drool. I'd change his drooling bib several times a day. What joy it has brought me looking at these pictures and remembering happier times! Thank you, my friend.
Chere said…
Oh, those big brown eyes and yes I could kiss that drooling face. How could you take these pictures without laughing? I can feel the joy in your heart through this blog. Have fun with this sweet baby, he is the bomb!
Maria said…
how adorable, the love must just swell up in you to the point of bursting
Daryl said…
Ah drool aside he is a charmer ... I walked at 9 months which proved to be exhausting for mom who said once I started I never stopped ..
Grandma J said…
The fun never ends..but once he starts walking, things get more exciting! Jack is adorable.
Erika said…
I'm surprised you haven't peed in your pants yet after playing that game with Jack! It's so funny to see in person, if you get the chance!
Mental P Mama said…
I would like those lashes. Thanks.
Hi Deb...That's about the cutest thing I have seen in a while!! Aren't grandchildren wonderful?? Even the baby drool is sweet!!! Hope you had a good Easter...hugs...Debbie
Joyce said…
Isn't this a fun age? Glad you are enjoying Jack. He sure is a cutie pie!
Jamie Payne said…
OMG! He's just so cute!! Ayden was a huge drooler...several bibs a day. If you get a chance, someone should tape you playing the chase game with Jack. It's something you'll cherish forever!
Linda said…
That is so sweet!! Enjoy that little one - so precious! Linda

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