Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life Gets In The Way…

Blogging? What’s that? I feel as though I am starting all over again. Truth is, I have been busy living my life (as pathetic as that might be)! My life is not very exciting, but it is full of beautiful weather, a grandson who has learned to walk, and the remnants of my birthday week.

Spring in Georgia couldn’t be more beautiful. The trees are fully blossomed, providing huge canopies of shade. The azaleas are glorious. Words do not properly describe the abundance of bold color. And the pollen that is produced by all of this blossoming vegetation, well, is enough to kill a person. All I can say to that is thank goodness for Allegra as it keeps me out of the doctor’s office.

My little Jack. What words can describe this tiny human being? He is also blossoming into a funny personality. His face explodes in smile. A smile so wide that it covers his entire face from ear to ear. His eyes are almost closed shut because his smile needs all the room on his face. I might add that Grand Mom (that’s me…the name I decided I want to be called) has tried to capture this smile but to no avail. I will prevail!

Jack has now evolved to movement on two legs. It was only last week that he walked 3 steps…then 8 steps…then across a room. Today, he has managed running. Needless to say, I think he heard about a 1/2 marathon in Connecticut and he is now in training. The upside to that is I am getting more exercise which is dooly needed.

All in all, life has been good. The only thing that would make it better is if hubby received a call with a job off. Lord knows he has been on um-te-nine interviews (spell check wanted to change this to uterus). We just want one offer…just one! Truthfully, I know it’s coming. All in good time, right?


I leave you with a photo of the little guy, staring into the Georgia Aquarium tank, totally mesmerized by life.

Shouldn’t we all be mesmerized by life?


Mabry's Gamma said...


I am so sorry to hear about your husband and I pray that something will come along soon, believe me, we know the feeling because after 8 months my hubby just got a job that is moving us to Birmingham as soon as the house sells. Now if only his drug test and background results would get back to them so he could start. What field is your hubby in?


PS- you can email me if you would like to.

Mental P Mama said...

Well--I feel an offer coming. A great one;) And we will take anyone on our next half marathon--especially cute ones. But if it's hot? Forget it.

Joyce said...

I hope your husband gets a call soon. Isn't it so much fun to see the expression on the kids faces when they see those big fish swim past the glass? Walking is a major milestone and yes you will be running now. My little Prince is sleeping here tonight and we enjoyed every minute from the bath to the story to the songs.

Jojo said...

Yes. The offer is coming...just believe and remind yourself as you see Jack looking into the big world, everything is possible when we believe. God bless.

Asthmagirl said...

When I read your posts about Jack, I can't help but wonder what my Grandmom thing will be like. Time will tell.

I hope there is an offer coming your way soon. Life is full of hope isn't it?

imom said...

What you've been up to sounds better than sitting in front of the computer!!

I'm hopeful the phone will ring for your husband very soon!

Daryl said...

Sending strong offer vibes your way... Husband was w/o work for several months and now he's meeting his 4th new client so I know your share is coming too!

Nurse Nancy said...

I remember those wonderful days of when my son learned to walk. It was wonderful and terrifying all at the same time. Enjoy it - a new beginning to go with the new beginning of spring!

Jeannelle said...

Deb, you have wonderful things going on in your life and none of it pathetic. You will find the good even in this time when your husband is in a break between jobs.

Country Girl said...

I have a feeling, Deb, that you are still mesmerized by life.
Your posts are so full of love for your family.

DesertHen said...

Sounds to me like you have a busy, full, love-filled life...=) Enjoy!