Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Where have I been?  WHERE have I been?  
Well, nothing much has changed.  I wasn't lying on a beach in Tahiti.  Nor was I fishing for the Great White.
More along a boring matter, I am still working at what I consider my dream job.  Honestly, I am completely 180 degrees from where I was one year ago where I hated getting up in the morning and dreading spending hours upon hours on the phone.  Today, I could work 7 days straight if needed and not blink an eye.  

Yesterday was spend with Jack, my sweetheart.  Here are a few photos of our day out.
 A stop at the local O'Donalds for a (which I was completely surprised) a healthy kid's meal.  The teeniest, tiny serving of french fries, apples, chicken nuggets and skim milk.  
 Just because we can raise our hands over our head, silly!
 A little snippet of the river
 more play time on the slide
 and a little precious face
Being the creative person that I am, I concocted a story about these 7 ducks.  After a long morning swimming down the river, they took refuge at the Duck Restaurant for a little snack.
Really?  Jack said.  

So  what have you been up too?


Daryl said…
Same old, same old .. but I am not complaining ... Jack is getting so grown up! Its good to 'see' you .. how's Fred?
jojo said…
nice to see you check in. I became a grandma for the first time recently and I adore her. This grandma gig is pretty darn sweet! And look at Jack...he's so grown up. Hands up!

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