Things My Mother Does At Her New Digs

One may think that being a senior, living at an exclusive retirement community, that life may be boring, dull, even mundane.




...she attends Joy Ride Mondays where they all load into the bus that takes them on a 2 hour ride around the neighborhood areas
....she plays Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader with actual 5th graders
...she gets reprimanded by the kitchen staff for being the loudest, noisiest table in the dining room (her excuse is that all her friends wear hearing aids and their batteries were low!)
...plays bingo until she drops
...learned a few new card games
...laughs all the time and is just damn happy

Thank you to my sister for being so diligent in assisting Mom to this next phase in her life.  


Mental P Mama said…
Awwww. I hope we all get to a place like this!
Daryl said…
Sounds like she's having the best time ever soooo important when we get to an age where we feel inadequate and have no one to fuss over .. a whole new life!

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