Saturday, October 1, 2011

Be On The Look Out

I am on the look out for this fabric for Jack's room.  He is so into pirates ( and a myriad of other things) but I thought this would contribute to a very nice theme for his room.
Look how a headboard was created.  
A sail.
I'm gonna do this!

So here's a closer look at the pattern.  
Please hollar if you see it!


Mental P Mama said...


Daryl said...

You go to Pinterest? A friend of mine, Jessica Dunlap has a board there of vintage fabric .. check her out.. I'll tell her about you!

Sue said...

Hey Deb.... I could be wrong because I looked at so much fabric last week but I think Forsyth Fabrics in Atlanta (down by the water works) has this as soon as you walk in the door on the right....I think I also saw it down the street at Lewis and Sheron....You can probably call and ask them about it ......