Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Packed Filled Day of Fun!!

Boy, yesterday was a fun filled day packed with lots of activities! We left the RV at 10:00 am and returned at 10:00 pm, spending the entire day with my children, mothers, babies, friends who are really like family members.

We started by stopping by Piedmont hospital to meet little Molly Beth for the very first time. Here she is, sleeping like a little princess. Don't you just want to pinch those little cheeks and kiss her from head to toe? Why is holding a baby so emotionally uplifting? Is it because we are holding the closest thing to innocence on earth? Is it that these little souls are so pure? Or is it that these little miracles trust so unconditionally?
After a short visit with the new parents, we had to hit the road to head down to Fayetteville.

Upon existing the highway, there it was. The RaceTrac sign! WOW! $3.59 a gallon! I was so excited, well, you know, I took this picture.

Next, we unloaded the clan and entered the nursing home to visit my MIL. Here's Jack and his Daddy waiting in the family center for Oma to come down. If you don't think Jack looks like his Daddy, well, you need glasses!
I managed to click this photo of four generations.
After the nursing home, onwards to Becky's house for a cook out, fun and frivolity! Uncle Steven and Jack manage to look to the camera for a sweet memory. Here's the little man with all his gear on to face the pool for the very first time. He is armed with sun tan lotion, sunglasses, big floppy hat and brand new swim trunks, but most of all, he has the protection of his loving parents. Jack was not amused. The pool was not for him. Although he never cried, the look on his face clearly gave us all the impression that he wanted nothing to do with the cool water. Being the grandmother that I am, I climbed the stairs, fetched a towel that was warmed by the sun and his mother scooped him out of the pirate ship and placed him in my arms. Off with the wet clothes and into dry attire, he finally was happy. We'll try the pool again next year.
Racing to the kitchen, I had to put the final touches on the meal. Thanks to Pioneer Woman, I came armed with beef brisket, crash potatoes and my very own recipe, brushetta with toasted baguette bread. My son's contribution to he feeding frenzy was 4 lbs of crab legs and a cooler full of beer. Add a great salad, fruit plate and chips, we ended up with a feast for 17 or 18 peeps.
After packing up from Becky's, a short visit to my mother's place. Sadly, she was not feeling well and choose not to join us for the feast. Mom just loves to hold Jack. It's the baby aura that cures all ill in the world.
Today is going to be a relaxing, low keyed day.


Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

What would a weekend be without friends and family? Erika looks wonderful! You can see the love on her face for baby Jack and hubs. She is positively glowing. Ours was equally busy starting with a birthday celebration for Ayden (he turns 4 tomorrow), a spontaneous sleepover at our house, and a day spent in the pool today. Can't wait for your schedule to slow down so we can get together for dinner. You name the place and time...

Chere said...

What a wonderful day. Friends and family is the best in my book. Erika and Aaron look on top of the moon with their little son. What a nice little family. Erika looks great, pre baby size. Steven looks like he is enjoying the uncle role. Let's get together soon.