Free Therapy!

Do you feel the need to pop bubble wrap? Are you one of those people? Well, thanks to a friend who send me an email with this link to it, I decided to share with the other maniacs in the world that cannot pass up a piece of bubble wrap without taking a pop or two...or three, oh you know, pop the entire sheet!
Consider it therapy, but much, much cheaper!

Click Here


I LOVE this! The Manic Mode is such fun! What a cool link. What kind of drugs do you have to be taking to think of something like this???? Whatever it is, I want some!
Deb said…
No drugs here, well, just a few, but any doctor can prescribe! My friend sent me this link and I just had to share with ya'll!
Anonymous said…
Oh Deb, that is unreal, I am love to pop lol !! and that is just awesome you have made my day.

Carole xx
Chere said…
Cool, Cool, Cool. Love the bubble wrap. We know have an endless supply. Love It.

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