Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hair Styling Conspiracy

OK, lately, I have been obsessed with hair related posts. I have determined that this obsession is based on my mother's famous words, "A woman's hair is her crowning glory". Yes, I heard this a lot but not as much as "A place for everything and everything in its place". That one, which still brings shivers down my spin, I hated the most and is probably why my drawers and closets would cause Martha Steward to have a coronary.
Back to hair. Sunday I sat behind someone in church who had the perfect hair cut, hair color, hair style and hair do. Would it have been wrong to tap her on the shoulder, move forward and whisper "I love your hair. Where do you get it done?" when I was supposed to be listening intently to the priest's sermon?
There are just some things that I cannot live without and if stranded on a desert island with electricity, these items would be so in my bag.
To begin the list
  • my hair dryer
  • 1" round styling brush
  • 2" round styling brush
  • Goodies hair brush
  • Suave hair spray
  • Redkin Align 12

Mind you, I don't know if the Redkin product works, but I have been programed into believing that is does wonders.

It is a hair styling conspiracy. Use these products and you will look fabulous, darling! Well, here is what I think. Yes, there may be an upside to using the latest can't live without product, but the product dirties your hair thus, requiring you, me, all of us to wash our hair more frequently. By using more products, we generate enormous sales. It is a vicious cycle.

Alas, I will continue to search for the greatest new product on the market, searching for that miracle product that will transform my life!

Now where can I find that Bumble and Bumble product I used at my sister's house?
Update: My article has been corrected for the obvious mis-spells and the missing "n". Oh well, all in a good day!


Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

You're going to hate me for this...but do you mean "crowning glory" and not "crowing"? Sometimes, when I'm having a rare good hair day, I do want to "crow" with delight. Ok...I understand "crowing" ;)

Deb said...

LOL...No, I won't hate you for pointing out something so obvious! You are too funny!!!

Jamie Payne said...

Before having children, I had stick straight, flat, boring hair. While pregnant with Ayden I soon realized that all new hair growth was coming in with a wave/curl to it. I was hoping that with each pregnancy, it would continue to get curlier, but unfortunately it's still sitting somewhere between wavy and curly. I have tried numerous products to tame the wave and help fight frizz. I am convinced that non of them actually work and now only use one product making it possible to wash my hair only every other day. I actually belive that the days when I don't wash my hair, it looks the best! Good luck finding that perfect cut/color combo. I've given up.

Mental P Mama said...

Desert Island? A ponytail holder. No one to see it!

Little Miss Marlee said...

Not sure if you know... Buuuuuut, I AM going to cosmetology school at a Paul Mitchell school if you ever need any advise =)