Recapping Thanksgiving

It's Saturday.
Feels like Sunday.
Just want to stay home and veg today.
Problem is, hubby will drag my sorry arse all over creation.

My Thanksgiving was delightful.
My son and favorite aunt shared our holiday.
Here's the turkey that my son offered to the family.
Let me introduce Zoe, a 6 week chocolate lab.  
Fred fell in love with the pup.
Do you think anyone has bottled puppy breath yet?
One would think that I pulled this photo out from my archives
of photos from last September.
Nope.  Thanksgiving day was 72 degrees.
Last night was 29.  
I'm so glad I got to capture this lovely hydrangea.
And from me to you....
I think I need a neck lift...


Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope you are having a great weekend!
Mental P Mama said…
You look awesome! So does your Thanksgiving! Hugs!
Anonymous said…
That turkey looks fantastic, I'm now feeling very hungry!! And the lab is just delightful. They are beautiful dogs aren't they.

CJ xx
Country Girl said…
No neck lift. Seriously. Just smile more.

Bottled puppy breath? I'm in!

And your Thanksgiving looks full of love. Just the way it should be. (lucky you on the hydrangea!)
Jane said…
Such great pictures! Glad you had a great time!

Nurse Nancy said…
Looks like fun was had by all...I might have to come to Atlanta and steal that puppy!
Sue said…
You don't need a neck lift...that is a beautiful picture...such a cute little...soon to be big....pup...Who does he belong to?
DesertHen said…
Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. What a cute puppy! =) Yummy looking turkey...our's was a bit
Jann E. said…
I enjoyed your post Deb...esp the hydrangea shot...took a few shots of same flower (and others) at my parents' house recently while visiting them in N Calif. My grandma had a hydrangea bush by the back door and they always remind me of her.
Daryl said…
Oh shut up, you look great and I love chocolate labs .. so sweet ..

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