It Was Friday...

Today I spent my day off from work, spoiling my grandson and running all over God's creation.  The day began to the little patter of little feet, toddling into the den.  With his rabbit under one arm and Teddy/Monkey (although two separate, comfy little stuffed toys, they are one in the eyes of Jack...Teddy is a little May blankie with a bear head on it and Monkey is, well, a little stuffed monkey) under the other arm, he climbed up on my lap to snuggle.  Always the first words out of his mouth is "Strawwww...bury milk, Mimi", I jump up to spoil this little soul.  After downing his first drink of the day, I ask him if he wants cheesy eggs.  Off to the kitchen once again, this time making cheesy eggs with cookie cutter pumpkin bread with butter.  No matter, we were planning on feeding the ducks later in the day so the crusts would not go to waste!

I managed to shoot lots of photos today but must first edit and will probably finish them tomorrow.

If I did anything today, my goal was to make memories with my little angel.

More to come....thanks for stopping by.


jojo said…
it sounds like a lovely memory making Friday! Enjoy..;j
Laura ~Peach~ said…
lovely day
I dont blame the power company... i do however think that when someone is paying each week there should be some consideration to that... there could be a better solution that cutting off the power... if she has not been paying all along then ... anyway its just been a rough day all around and as usual i am stuck in the middle.
love n hugs.
Maria said…
Sounds like the perfect plan for an awesome day !!
Country Girl said…
Brought back a memory here of when my first born was a very young child. He spent a lot of time with his grandmother, my husband's mother. She babysat him for a couple of months during one period of our lives. Such sweet memories. You know how lucky you are, too!

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