Disheveled? You Betcha!

Well, this is proof that I am still alive.  I've decided to let my hair grow, although it is looking a little flat in this photo.  Yes, I look slightly disheveled so my looks matches the way I feel.
Just between you and me...I had to take off my glasses to take this photo...I can't read a thing without my glasses.
Hubby finally home from the hospital.  Only 6 prescriptions to pick up on the way home...thank goodness for insurance as we only had to pay $65.
Looking forward to a beautiful fall weekend.


Your hair is very cute! Glad hubby is feeling better!
Mental P Mama said…
You look mahvelous! Hugs to F and you!!!!
Jane said…
Love your hair. Glad that your husband is home from the hospital,

Maria said…
So glad to hear he's doing better & I think you look Gorgeous !
Daryl said…
So glad he is home .. and I think a longer length will be flattering .. you have a lovely face and beautiful eyes so make sure you dont let the hair hide that!
Country Girl said…
Hi there, Deb. I haven't been out much lately . . .

Hope your husband's doing well. I finally got a pair of readers. I wear them most of the day.

And I'm much more disheveled.

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