The Eyes Have It!

After waiting 4 years for health insurance, my husband's insurance finally went into affect on August 1st.  Not wanting to wait another moment, I quickly made an appointment at the local Walmart Eye Care department.  I was sure to ask if they carried my health care provider and the comment was, oh yes, but if we have a problem, we will call you.

Now I don't know about you, but I really cannot stand getting my eyes dilated.  Once the solution is dropped into my eyes, I don't see clearly until the end of the next day.  Luckily, my very sweet doc conveyed that if she could see my eyes clearly, no need for the evil solution.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief and wanted to quickly celebrate.  (the wine on the left happens to be my favorite)

Come to my surprise when I was ready to pay, that I choose the only Walmart in the state of Georgia that was somehow excluded from my insurance plan.  Gah!  Good news is I only paid $67 (although I should have only paid $10).  No worries.  My eyes were in great shape so I was very willing to part with the cash.

It's unbelievable that I'm cough...cough...56 years old and do not require glasses for distance.  Reading is a completely other subject. there a surgery for far-sightedness?


Congrats on having such great eyesight at, cough, cough, such a young age!!! I envy you as I have to wear glasses for distance now also. Hey what is your favorite wine? I tried to read the label but couldn't.
Jane said…
I think that there is a surgery for far-sightedness. I have the opposite problem in that I am very near-sighted. I refuse readers, however; my thought is that they just need to start printing books and newspapers in 20 point font!

nanny said…
I use to wear mine only to read and I've noticed lately I am keeping them on all of the time...ugh!
Country Girl said…
I've always been near-sighted and wear glasses for night driving and distance when necessary. It was only two weeks ago that I broke down and bought glasses for close-up reading, my new Foster Grants 1.00 strength.

Too bad about the WalMart but good that it wasn't more expensive!
Mental P Mama said…
I went to the eye doctor last week, too! And I don't need them for distance, but I have cataracts! He said everyone my age does. gah. He also told me that they can insert lenses if they have to operate...but for now, he says to keep wearing my cheaters for reading. So glad.
Daryl said…
Its called Presbyopia and there is surgery for it ... it lasts approx. 5 yrs .. it 'corrects' the shape of the eyeball which is supposed to be round but as you get older it sort of turns more oval and that effects close up vision .. for $10 you can get 'cheaters' or reading glasses ...

LOVE Smoking Loon ..

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