Where Has All the D Gone?

For weeks now, I have been dragging my flabby white butt around, wondering what 
the heck is the matter with me.  For the most part, I've been blaming my lack of energy on the
fact that I started working last month and am so very out of touch with the working schedule.

Only after having my first physical in years and having a full CBC (all those years of watching ER have paid off) blood work up,
did I find that I am terribly deficient in vitamin D.  Combine this with a lack luster thyroid and together you have one very exhausted mid 50 woman.  

Here's what I've learned about vitamin D.  

Vitamin is of utmost importance for your body because its role is to help your body use the calcium and phosphorus from your food. It also regulates normal cellular differentiation thus preventing cancer and helps insulin secretion. Deficiency of this vitamin is connected to rickets.   Yes, rickets!  Chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and weight loss (not in my case...damn!) are just some of the side effects.

 Most women my age no longer drink the 
multiple glasses of milk each day (no, a dribble of coffee creamer does not help at all) and we tend
to forego the cheeses from our daily diet...at least I do.  So on a scale from 1 to 1,000,000, the total vitamin D in my system is around negative 543,908!  I could be exaggerating just a touch, mind you.

My new doc, Dr T, prescribed 50,000 units of vitamin every week.  Guess my 1,000 mg a day wasn't enough to jump start this old broad!  Currently, I am on the second month's regime and I was well aware that today... I finally felt a little better.  

Now I can move forward and target the slow, motion thyroid with a little help 
from modern medicine and better living through chemistry. 

Who knows, by October I may be ready to run a 5 K.

Who am I kidding!


Mental P Mama said…
I take 4,000 iu per day, and it took almost 6 months for me to feel it....keep it up sister!
Laura ~Peach~ said…
i am willing to bet your b12 is low too... i take 50thousand iu every other day of D and it will tank in a heartbeat... toss some zinc in thre too and a good B100 multi... you will be amazed at the difference!
Sue said…
well the vitamin D thing must be the latest thing going around...like the flu..I was told the same thing last year...took the huge dose and actually had breathing problems because the dose was too high...I know sounds crazy....then they told me to just sit out in the sun for 15 minutes a day....did that...level was fine...2 months later it was back down to almost zero...I have to say I have broken 2 toes in 6 months but there is no way I am taking that massive dosage again....Bring on the Sun!!
My D was low also. I take 1000iu a day per my Dr and I'm feeling better. Still I try to get in the sun each day also.
Ellen said…
I had the same issue too. I'm now on 2000 of D a day. It's only been a month, but I'm starting to see a change in my energy level. But I still don't want to clean the house!!! Is there a pill to cure that???
Rose said…
sorry haven't been by had company and some issues. i also have a vit. d issue. my level is still low but i continue on daily vit. best with you in getting your energy. rose
Daryl said…
Okay .. every single person, every one male or female no matter the age who has seen a doctor this year has been put on Vit D .. seriously .. I think its all a lot of crapola ... how is it possible for everyone to be deficient in this vitamin and how is it every doc (and not just in NYC) has been testing for this?

Can you say Vitamin D lobby?

I took them, they made my legs, hands and feet have cramps/charley horses .. I refuse to take them. I think if we all go out and get some SUN we wont need these expensive useless (IMO) vitamins.

Did you not consider a new job and the stress it brings might be more the reason for your tiredness?
Jane said…
I hope you continue to do better!!

I crashed when I moved to colder Utah and started to work full time in a windowless office. Fish oil and Vit D has helped a lot!

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