What Are Your Labor Day Plans?

Greetings from the South!  
Life among the working class is becoming easier and easier as each day passes.
Acknowledging that I must take a kinder and gentler approach to dealing with people,
I have seen a marked improvement.  Again, I think it is all me and not the poor folks who 
experience dispare.  
Labor day weekend approaches and the formal end to this hot summer will be behind us.  
My plans are to celebrate the official kick off of college football!  
Go Dawgs!  Don't tell anyone, but I am teaching Jack to say Go Dawgs instead of 
rooting for the Florida Gators!
Sunday we will be at our first NASCAR race right here at Atlanta Motor Speedway!
This may be my first and last race...no one can say, but I am excited about seeing this event first hand.

I will be rooting for the Number 48, Jimmie Johnson!  

Tell me, what are you doing this holiday weekend?


Country Girl said…
No plans yet. But our son will be here. He's staying a week. Not sure whether or not I'm thrilled yet!
Chatty Crone said…
Believe it or not - I am making every one clean the house with me! Is that bad or what?

Happy Holiday.
Sue said…
Hi Deb....Oh I am so jealous that you are at the Speedway today...the weather is gorgeous and I know you are having the best time...We used to go to the races when the Boss worked for Lowes so ofcourse we got special treatment and got to meet Jimmie Johnson...He is so adorable up close and personal...We also would always get seats right down near the track....the Boss didn'tcare for all the noise....I loved it!!
But good luck leaving the parking lot when the race is over...
Mental P Mama said…
I am sitting on a terrace in Tuscany...sorry.
Daryl said…
I spent Friday cleaning/treating two ringworm infected cats .. Saturday I spent running errands, Sunday I was nice to me and beautified after brunch with a friend who let me vent ... and Monday was ToonMan's birthday..and I baked him a cake, from a mix .. which thank you was quite tasty... and now I am back at the office .. working and catching up on you'all!

Did you know MPM is in Italy? I wasnt sure if you knew .. ;-)
Diane said…
We went on a road trip. 1800 miles in 5 days. It was all that!

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