Frank's At The Old Mill

How I spent my Saturday...
This past Saturday, my daughter, grandson and I drove to meet my son for
a belated birthday luncheon at Frank's at The Old Mill.
Can you tell that I am really concentrating on keeping my eyes open?
Yeah, I am notorious for closing my eyes at photo time.
The restaurant has changed times several times over the years. Once a Southern
fish fry place, next a steak place that on its best day was so-so.
The Old Mill was vacant for several years until a stroke of
luck brought Frank's to relocate from Palmetto, Georgia.

The location of the Old Mill is a perfect spot to relax, breathe in the
wild life and drift away by the soothing sound of the water flowing over the damn.
I think this mamma deserves a reality show of her own! She has
10 babies!

We managed to pass on the desserts, but it was very hard to resist.
For lunch, our table ordered a variety of menu items, ranging from Turkey Rueben
to a Rueben Wellington.
The Greek salads were fresh and oh, so yummy!

Jack couldn't wait to go out on the deck to feed the ducks.

As soon as you exit from your car, you can't help but acknowledging the
fresh herbs throughout the parking lot and lining the lake.
Fresh basil and thyme...I love that aroma!
Not the use of natural bamboo in the garden. Love the natural look.

Overall, this was a lovely experience.
I will most definitely return to sample their evening menu.


Linda said…
Deb that looks like a really nice place. I will have to check it out!
rose said…
Looks like a place that would have good food and you would feel comfortable. The pics are great. Have a good day.
Chatty Crone said…
Looks like you had a nice dinner - I'm going to check that restaurant out. Sandie
Nurse Nancy said…
Looks like a great place and that a great time was had by all!
Mental P Mama said…
Beautiful! Just like you;)
Maria said…
looks fabulous
Tammy said…
What a wonderful looking place and I love that herb garden! Bravo on keeping your eyes open, you look great!
Diane said…
It looks amazing! I love the fresh herbs!
Jamie Payne said…
Yum, yum! We went there last summer with my parents. Jason and I really enjoyed it!
TSannie said…
How lovely! Both the place and the time had.
Country Girl said…
Sounds and looks like such a wonderful time was had by all. You look great in that dress, btw.
Daryl said…
You son and daughter look so like you .. handsome/beautiful family...and a nice place to celebrate!
money pouch said…
a very good place to rest have fun with no problem to worries. ",)

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