Cleaning...It's Not All That's It Cracked Up To Be

After vacuuming and then cleaning out the canister today, it never ceases to amaze me how much cat hair, dust and generally pretty yucky stuff comes out of my carpet. Every time I vacuum, the contents of the canister makes me nauseous, yet alone, fearing that my asthma will kick into full throttle and I will cough up a lung.

Sure enough, I did succumb to the coughing attack which always manages to leave my lungs burning. And then I wait for it...the headache. Yep, it's here. Thank you very much for that.

I miss my hardwood floors.

Am thinking of getting a mask!


This is our first house with hardwood floors. Love it! However, dust bunnies, pet hair, and general yuckiness are more obvious with hardwood floors than carpet.
Country Girl said…
My friend used to have a vacuum that involved a water tub. Supposedly it was good for the asthma sufferer in the house. I'm sure it costs a fortune, though.
Mental P Mama said…
Gah. They make those vacuums for asthmatics...I'll research it for you;)
Linda said…
I love my hardwood floors!!
Chatty Crone said…
I don't like to clean either and if I was rich I'd get someone to do it for me!

Hope you feel better.

Nurse Nancy said…
This is why I have a cleaning lady...and of course, working two jobs it is a necessary evil and the last thing I would give up! Anyhow, she gets to suck up the dust and I get to enjoy the glory. Feel better.
Daryl said…
Miele makes a fabulous canister vac that has a HEPA filter and special bags that hold the dust .. Our Gus was asthmatic so we got it (as well as low dust cat litter ... World's Best litter, if you dont use it you should)
Grandma J said…
I'm so glad I have no carpet or rugs...just wood lamenant floors. People think I'm crazy..I know I'm not.

Take care, Deb

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