From Chaos Becomes Beauty

When my creative juices are flowing, my workspace is NOT orderly.

I need everything at my fingertips.

Here's proof.


Here’s the view of my desk looking straight ahead.

Yes, I have Face Book open because I don’t want to miss anything!

Clutter everywhere.


On my left side, you see a vast amount of very necessary tools and supplies.

My Zutter over on the left.

My bottle of lemon water (I have to drink 5.33 bottles a day!).

My Vera Bradley eye glass case.

Lots of paper right underneath the case.

And a cute little utility bag that is crammed with so many tools

that I just cannot live without. IMG_3317

My phone sits on the left.

Lots of glue dots, yes, sometimes they stick to me.

That tiny green bottle is a Smooch product (something I can’t life without).

Oh, my project. You weren’t supposed to see that yet.

The green thing is my most loved paper cutter.

It is the best!


I have a little flat screen over there on the right.

I was watching Still Standing.

Nice shot of Jami Gertz’ boobies!


Although not in the original shot, I added the lovely cards Diane.

Thanks again, Di!


And on the left are the beautiful cards that showcase Daryl’s love of photography.


This photo is 50 years old.

The beautiful woman on the left is my Grandmother, Harriet.

The little squirt on the right is moi, flower girl extraordinaire!


Da da da DAHH!

Here’s what I’m working on at the moment.

A fall version of the Christmas box.

I am a paper addict, yes, I admit.

Theses colors absolutely screamed at me and the papers jumped into my hand.

Honestly, I don’t know how it happened!


These colors are so complimentary and just say “Hey, I’m a lovely fall accent for your coffee table!”

When this is completed, I am adding it to Etsy site.

You can see that from a discombobulated mess, something creative is produced.

Do tell.

Are you a messing crafter?


LMAO...I saw my face on your facebook!!!

I am a messy, messy crafter, but I am learning to be better. I have four little buckets placed in strategic places around my area. And now that I am painting again and crocheting, as well as is creative chaos.
Ellen said…
I want to be a messy crafter, I just never get to it.

Love the autumn box - I love the colors of fall.

Have a good day.
Daryl said…
Love that box .. coveting that box.... I am so flattered to be there amid all your fabulous clutter. I love clutter, have you seen my shelves? And what is a Zutter?
Joyce said…
We are complete opposites. Actually I dump all the clutter into upscale shopping bags and line them up in my kitchen so it always looks like I have spent hours at the Mall spending money:) Surprisingly I always remember what is what in each bag but hey don't ask me what I ate for breakfast as I would not remember that:)
imom said…
I loved having that sneak peak at your workspace... Makes me want to get all my scrapbooking stuff out and get to work.

I too am a sucker for the fall colored paper and accessories. That box is beautiful!
Grandma J said…
I'm just the opposite. I don't like clutter and I purge constantly. I'm freaky that way :))
Country Girl said…
I'm not a crafter, but my desk is messy at work. I have things in piles and know where everything is but I tend to get a little messy. When it gets too much for me, I clean it up.
This project is beautiful!!!
Asthmagirl said…
A. I am not a crafter or an artist like you.

B. My desk looks 10x worse than that and I'm not creating a darn thing!

C. It's beautiful!
Jann E. said…
I'm like GrandmaJ, I like my desk does get messy but not for long. Now, the whole room isn't real tidy, that's a project-in-waiting in itself. I do love to do crafty stuff but am very sporadic about it. I zero'd in on your gran'ma's photo, I love old photos, have a wall dedicated to them in fact. :o)

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