Sunny Sunday

It's a bright, sunny Sunday morning. Here, I am enjoying my green pomegranate herbal tea (I don't miss coffee anymore), my laptop, and the din of the Sunday morning talk shows. Yes, I cannot miss them as I always enjoy a good debate without voices being raised.

It being day 15 of my diet, I can honestly tell you that I have not cheated once. If my choice was Weight Watchers, cheating would be inevitable. However, low carb works so well with my body and metabolism, I don't miss sugar, cookies, bread or ice cream. The elimination of those foods from my diet is the best for "me".

While losing double digits thus far, has immensely helped the leg pain I was experiencing. Oh sure, I feel those aches and pains like the next person, but that part of my life seems to have subsided. Thank you!!!

Next step is getting to that wonderful gym down the end of the street. It's free. It overlooks the river. It is air conditioned. What am I waiting for? I cannot answer that just yet.

Today, I am thankful for this glorious day and grateful for all blessings bestowed upon me.


Chris said…
A free gym sound very cool! Have a good week!
Jo said…
Congratulations on your weight loss. Double digits by day 15 is indeed incredible. Keep it up -- oops I mean down... *heh*
Maria said…
congrats & so happy to see you having such a great day. stay consistant one day at a time, seems to be lightening your life as well as your body
Grandma J said…
Your Sunday sounds perfect
imom said…
Free gym?! Sign me up. Congrats on finding something that works for you and on your weight loss. Way to go!

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