He Listens

As a child, I was convinced that there really weren’t any seasons.  I drew this conclusion on some rather poignant observations.

It didn’t matter to me what the calendar said for I knew there was a higher power contributing to the weather changes. 

Often, I would hear my grandmother say, “Oh it’s so hot.  I really want some cooler weather.” 

My aunt would say, “Today is so bitter cold.  I cannot wait until it gets warmer.”

And then my mom would say, “I can’t wait for the cold weather.  I really love the snow.”

My own comment would be regarding the turning leaves.  Where are the brilliant colors of the trees? 

My own theory evolved by listening to these complaints regarding the weather and God hearing everyone’s complaints from around the world.  I believe God heard all these requests and says “Enough already!  People of the Earth, if you want cold weather, then here it is!”  (insert whatever the populous of that specific hemisphere was  complaining about)IMG_3457

What did I learn from this experience as a young child?  I held close to my heart that my God heard the prayers of the People of the Earth.  Perhaps He didn’t answer those prayers as quickly as possible, but in time, He answered all prayers.

This photo was taken while in St Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.  I stopped in front of St. Gerald, a favorite family Saint and my sister’s namesake. 


I must agree with you...although he really hasn't been listening to my weather prayers for the past few years.

I would really like some snow this year thoug, so next time you are praying, would you mention that for me?
Sue said…
Beautiful image....someday I'll have to tell you our St. Patrick's story...it made my daughter change religon...
jojo said…
Beautiful photo, I am mesmerized by photos such as these..;p
Jann said…
It's my stand that without the colder weather and lack of colors in winter, we would never appreciate spring/summer and even fall half as much. To me, after winter, the renewed growth of grass, plants, flowers...it's all a miracle and blessing. Every year.
Country Girl said…
It's good to know He's listening, isn't it? What is St. Gerald the patron saint of?

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