Gibberish...Plain Gibberish

New Year's is officially over in my book, but alas, the blog site Cutest Blog On The Block is under construction for two days.
I've attempted to change the glittery "Happy New Year" background (it is making me sick) but can't do it.
Is this a conspiracy?
And I am so glad it is Friday...means I can sleep in tomorrow and that is a happy thought!
Is there anything more delicious than having Special K for breakfast?
The sun is finally out in Atlanta.
When can I find time to read my books?
Today, I am going to get on the treadmill...I'm shooting for 30 minutes.
My husband wants to know if every 40 - 50ish woman blogs all day.
What color dress do you think Michelle Obama will wear?
I have opened an Esty account, but am having trouble finding the right category.
It is time for a pedicure.
All my nails broke because I'm sure I have a nail disease.
What level of hypochondriac are you?
For inspiration, I moved my smaller jeans to the front of my closet.
I am a neatnik, but I am also a slob.
When I organize my stuff, I cannot find it the next time I look for it.
I miss Arizona.
I could go on and on but I will break the cycle NOW.
Lassie Lockwood...OUT!


brneyedgal967 said…
I have been known to blog all day... at least once or twice. Right.

Michelle will wear dark gray. I don't know why I thought that, it was just the first thing that came to mind.

Glad you opened an Etsy account - I saw the box and photo album you did for Kate and WOW! That's all I gotta say - WOW!

I must have the same nail disease.

I am in denial that I'm a hypochonrdriac - which might be a whole 'nother issue.

Gah. Smaller jeans. I don't even want to think about it. Denial again.

Me too - neatnik and slob both reside in me. It's twisted.

Have a great day. :-)
Mental P Mama said…
Tell your husband, yes, we blog all day. And we are all ax murderers. Have fun on that treadmill;)
Country Girl said…
Special K is quite nice, but mimosas are more delicious for breakfast.

I'm just saying.

And I blog all evening, and my husband just shakes his head. When I tell him that my readers think he's handsome, he gives me a look. "Are you posting photos of me again?" he asks. "Because I don't want you to."

Hypochandria is not in my dictionary.
shara said…
I am thinking Blue- no Red- No- Well- one or the other. Have you noticed, I don't think First Ladies were prints often- and never to the Inag. (Can't think right now how to spell, thus the abbrev.)

I truly AM a clean freak on the inside. I load the dishes in a certain way, they have to go in the cupboard a certain way (don't you think 'cupboard' is such an interesting word?) And I actually LIKE to clean. BUT, maybe because I am punishing myself, I let everything go (except how the dishes are in the cupboard) and don't let myself clean! The SLOB wins sooo much of the time!

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog. I really do enjoy yours, and your comments!
Big Hair Envy said…

I'm going to the gym after work today. Then, I will go home and move my skinny jeans closer to the front of my closet!!!!!

Punkin' Cloverdale:)
R Susanna said…
Gerbil Floyd here, yes we do blog all day. I must have the same nail disease. I must have squeeked in the cutest blog on the block cause I changed mine yesterday. And we will be having Cookie Crisp and/or Lucky Charms for breakfast as soon as I get home in the morning. Gotta have that sugar. I hope you get to sleep as late as you want tomorrow!
Jana said…
Yea sun! Aren't you happy to finally see it? As it goes in Atlanta, so it goes here where I live. If ya'll get rain, we get rain. If ya'll get sun, we get sun. Every year when the kids ask if the weatherman is right, is it really going to snow, I ask "What's it doing in Atlanta??"

Can't wait to see your new background when you get it.
Sue said…
Hi Deb..Finally some sun!! Now lets get a little warmer. We were over in Sandy Springs today on Roswell and Hammond and my husband asked why would anyone EVER want to live in that part of town...He thought the traffic was way too much to know how it backs up by 285. Men have simply no patience. He asks me at night why I read the blogs all night... when I read him all the nice things everyone wrote about Sophie's pictures he understood. I was a hypochondiac until I had one too many MRI scans and now I wonder when I see the red mark on my ankle if I have that horrible disease you can get from the dye they use....then I realize how stupid that sounds so I'm going to try and be healthy this year...No more weird dye going thru me...and I think for the New Year you need to try my jam....No jars, no boiling no chance of food poisening...It really was so simple to make and we are really enjoying it..Publix still has the blackberries on sale this week. Have a good weekend whatever youdecide to do....Sue.
Jeannelle said…
Love your gibberish! I'm glad you have sunshine. I identify with that neatnik/slob conundrum, and yes, its risky for me to organize and area.....things will be hopelessly filed away and never found again.
Sometimes I feel like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde when it comes to my neatnik/slob disorder. Yes, I do believe it's a disorder. Perhaps someday they will invite a pill to manage my disorder AND lose weight at the same time. I like order in any things, but my car looks like a homeless family lives in it. [sigh] It could be worse, I suppose.

Whatever Michelle chooses to wear to the inauguration, it will defintely be jewel tones - royal blue, crimson red.

Tomorrow we leave for our week long cruise with Chere/Fred. They are already in FL visiting Miss Marlee. Tomorrow at this exact time we will be onboard and likely aving a fruity drink on the lido deck. We will miss you, Deb. I think often of our time in Hawaii together. What fun we had!

I announced to the Scrap Club that you will be our guest instructor. They all squeeked in delight! I will keep you posted about a date, but likely in spring when it's warm enough to dine outdoors. Can't wait to have you join us.

Pinky Carmel...over and out.
Ahem...please excuse my typos. I meant to say "invent" a pill...not "invite". Silly me ;)
Deb said…
debra...I didn't even notice the typo! I knew what Pinky Carmel wanted to say!
Pam said…
WOW!!! It is wonderful to know that I'm not alone with the crazy way my mind works! I couldn't sleep last night and random thoughts about everything under the sun kept popping into my head! Eventually I had to get up and make some notes! I'm not crazy! I am, however, a hopeless neat freak. Fortunately, so is my husband so it works for us. Clutter is the enemy!
I can't wait for our scrap retreat. I'm so looking forward to meeting you! The box you made for your "giveaway" contest was just wonderful!

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