Tale of a Pink Cashmere Sweater

This morning as I pulled on my favorite pair of worn jeans from the closet, I looked for a top that would be perfect for the day. Not too warm, but not too cold. The weather is warming up a bit so I must allow for those heat surges that I get occasionally.
Flipping through the hangers, I discovered my pink cashmere sweater folded over the hanger. Any women would cherish owning anything cashmere, but this sweater was a gift from a co-worker. A women, who was a shrewed business woman disguised as the epitome of a lady in every sense of the word.

Every Christmas we exchanged presents. The pressure to find the perfect gift was overwhelming. She had everything money could buy. Yet, what she lacked in her life was a true sense of family. Her only child died an untimely death. Her second marriage was burdensome at best. Tragedy leaves people hardened, but my friend was not hard at all.
Being an up and coming woman in the company, I choose her as my mentor. Everyday, I spoke to her on the phone, often times, running a concept or idea by her. She never sugar coated anything. If you wanted an opinion that was fair, consistent and unbiased, you went to her.
In the dying days of the company I worked for, she was one of the first to go. Sadly, she left explicit orders that her personal contact information would not be shared. I never spoke to her again after that dismal day.
I think of her often, especially when I pick up the cashmere sweater or refold the magnificent silk scarves in my drawer, or use my navy plaid Burberry tote. It is my hope that when she dusts the Swarovski crystal pieces or wraps the silk wrap around her shoulders, she thinks of me.
As I am wrapped in my pink cashmere sweater, I think warm thoughts of you.
I wish you well, my friend. I wish you well.


~Vanessa~ said…
What a touching post.
What a beautiful story! I have no such mentor where I work. We are all hanging by a thread as the threat of a divestiture looms over our heads. It has been this way since fall 2007 when our parent company announced their intention to divest the business. They didn't expect a dismal downturn in the economy and we continue to teeter on the brink. I would love to have someone here to listen and to share my concerns. How lovely that you have wonderful mementos by which to remember your dear friend.
R Susanna said…
I had a mentor, she was one of the strongest, most intelligent women I'd ever met. She died in a car accident a few years ago. I miss her terribly.
Anonymous said…
What a sweet remembrance! I'm sure she has fond memories of you as well!
shara said…
How wonderful when people like that come into our lives. I wonder if she realizes what an impression and difference she made for you. I wonder if any of us realize the difference, for good or ill, we make for others.
imom said…
Wonderful story to share with us today!
emily said…
Hi there...no, haven't moved my blog, still in the same place! :-)

Watch out for those parents of mine, you never know what kind of mischief they can get into!
Sue said…
What a wonderful post...isn't it nice that every now and then someone special comes into our lives...even if they leave, you still have those memories....very nice, have a great weekend...Sue.
doornumbertwo said…
Truly enjoyed your post. It reminded me of a friend I had in the past I think of often and hope they think of me... I enjoyed the texture of your writing. Very nice! smiles~ doornumbertwo
doornumbertwo said…
RYC- I have no idea! I stole it from someone who suggested it while surfing through blogs! I have tried to retrace my steps, but alas, I webbed out too much to untangle my traversing! You can click on the emblem and it will take you to the website where it originated however... smiles~
Country Girl said…
Wow. A colleague with exquisite taste. Too bad you couldn't have kept in touch.
That sweater sounds comfortable, too.

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