Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Day Dream Project for You

We are embarking on some of the coldest weather to hit the South in six years. As I watch the TV weather wander around the country, it reminds me why we moved away from -25 actual temperatures and wind chills from Chicago.

If you are dealing with such cold weather, and we all are to some degree, close your eyes and think of warm weather. Tropic breezes.

This fruit tree grew naturally in the yard of a home we visited in Maui. Our friends let us pick one. Little mini bananas about the size of your palm. We found these were much sweeter than the Chiquita variety we are all used to.

Trees are abundant in Hawaii. This one in particular is located on Maui in Up Country section of the island. The agapanthas in the foreground impressed me a lot because I made a feeble attempt to grow such flower in my own garden.

The Islands are full of natural God's beauty. Honestly, I don't need to schedule every minute of the day when in Hawaii. I love to drink in the beauty and then think of ways I could live in paradise all year long.

Did I mention this property was part of a large winery? Needless to say, the Hawaiian wines are very fruity and a tad too sweet for me. But...there was one wine when served over vanilla ice cream was divine!

Ah...the sunset! Right outside our condo balcony was a delight to behold each and every evening.

I can gaze upon sunsets each and every day of my life and never tire of the show.

Sunrises, well, I am not a morning person!

Diamond Head view from Waikiki beach. I did manage to climb Diamond Head...not so sure I could do it again unless I really stepped up my training.

What prompted me to write about this visit to Hawaii? The Weather Channel forecast unusual waves to hit all of the islands today that may exceed 30 feet tall!

I'll just leave you all with the day dreaming duty of a trip to the Islands!



TSannie said...

Just a little warmer...we're not at bad here in CT - a balmy 21, but just talked to my husband who's in Springfield IL (for the swearing in by the governor the senate is then going to turn around and impeach - isn't irony just a lovely thing?) and the temperature there is a stellar 15. And tomorrow between 4 and -6. Think I'll stay right here in CT.

Loved the photos!

Mental P Mama said...

Going to be zero here tomorrow night. Yay.

shara said...

Ahhh- you have raised my spirits yet again...

Jeannelle said...

Yes.....the perfect antidote to the bitter cold temps outdoors. And, that sunset photo is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Wow!

DesertHen said...

Great photos!! Would love to be there!!

The agapanthas were lovely. We grew them in our yard around the pool when I was growing up in California.

Jana said...

Mmmm, Hawaii. I'd love to visit one day! Hope your day today was better ;-)

R Susanna said...

I was in Maui in 2005. It was great.

Country Girl said...

It was balmy here today, compared to most. Almost got up to 28.

Sue said...

well you did a good job of warming me to put on the Uggs, the fleece hat, the scarf and the wool pea coat...Boo...are you ready for your nightly walk? Or are you going to wait until 4:00a.m. and wake me up out of a sound sleep to take you out when it will then be in the 20's??? It's the SOuth, it's unnatural to be this cold!!!