Is It Faith?

Yesterday, as I was reading my favorite blogs, The Majority of Two and I was struck by Jo's posting about the mystifying experience of last fall. If you haven't read it, please go there now.
Jo's post reminded me of a true story that occurred very close to me, in fact, my own mother experienced something that cannot be explained.
Almost 55 years ago this April 21st, my mother was in labor with her very first child. Labor was long and a difficult one. In those days, it was nothing out of the ordinary for the mother to be totally unconscious during the delivery. In my mother's case, she experienced complications. These complications caused her to go into a coma for almost two weeks.
My mother tells stories of how spoiled a baby I was because the nurses had ample time to get to know me. Feeling sorry for this little baby in the nursery, I was rocked and held almost all the time.
On the two week mark of Mom's coma, she finally woke. Weak, but brimming with motherly love, she immediately wanted to know where her baby was. My father was contacted immediately and he left work and sped to the hospital. Doctor Shimkus, who I still remember as our family doctor, was so very relieved that Mom was revived. He had never lost a mother and thought his streak would come to a sad ending.
I can only imagine the reunion in that hospital room. Proud and relieved husband at his wife's side. Lovely baby completed the new family. Dad asked Mom if she remembers anything during those two weeks.
Mom recalls seeing a very bright light. A light that was so blinding, she had to cover her eyes with her arm. Something about the light intrigued her. Mom found herself drawn to this bright light and slowly, moved forward.
As she drew closer, she recounts seeing a beautiful golden stair case. A stair case similar to the one in Gone With The Wind, but a million times more beautiful. Standing in front of the stairway, was Michael The Archangel. His wings were so beautiful. His wingspan was massive. His cloak so beautiful that she could not put into words. Slowly, his arm extended towards her and his hand motioned her to come closer. Mom remembers feeling so comforted, safe and exultant that she continued on her journey towards the stairs and Michael The Archangel.
She was close enough now to place her foot on the first step of this grand staircase. Looking into the angels eyes, she knew she would be taken care of in ways she cannot explain. She lifted her foot. About to place her foot on the first stair, she heard my father's voice. "Terry" he said. "Come back to me." It was at that very moment that Mom woke from her coma.
For years after her first birth experience, Mom always wanted to have a boy. She wanted to name him Michael. I think it was her way of thanking Michael the Archangel for not taking her just yet. Sadly, she never had her boy named Michael.
Every time I tell this story, I get goosebumps. Some people say that goosebumps are the Holy Spirit touching your soul. I tend to agree.
Was this just a dream caused by the drugs given my mother or was it truly something amazing. Something mysterious. Something much bigger than you or me. Was it Faith? I'll leave that up to you to decide. I know.


~Vanessa~ said…
Deb, love this. I need to hook you up with a book I have at home. I believe in the Divine. Your mom chose you dear lady. :)

Sadly the link to the other blog would not work for me :(


TSannie said…
Whatever it was, it was and is the truth as far as I'm concerned.
Miss_Nobody said…
hey,i found you from Jo's blog...i don't know what to say..i love reading about such experiences,sadly i have never had one myself
Mental P Mama said…
Goosebumps here. Right now. I know, too.
Country Girl said…
Of course it was faith. Wow. That is some story.

Which post of Josie's was it? The link worked for me, but took me to her main page. Was it the one where the co-worker had a stroke? Amazing stories.

Hey, your blog's different! At first I thought I was at the wrong place.
Dawnie said…
that is touching. for me I would love to think its exactly what she felt and thought it was and its exactly how it is when we leave her.
Mauigirl said…
Fascinating. Also the post over at the Majority of Two makes me think too. I'm the doubting Thomas type but there are things that can't be explained. I always love reading about those near-death experiences that are so consistent. Makes me think there really may be an afterlife.
Jeannelle said…
Wow, Deb.....that's quite an experience your mom had. I'm certainly happy she survived to tell everyone about it and be a mom to her newborn daughter. We named one of our sons was my idea because I love the name and the strong tradition behind it.

Jo's story was very interesting, too.

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